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I live with my family, and they are affected too some degree. My brother is a complete loser, and my mom doesn't spend any money on anything also my step father hates me for no reason. Those are very vague answers I know.


Yeah that's a good idea I've already kinda tried that.

File: 1464995457203.jpg (410.47 KB, 879x879, 1:1, Fringe Girl.jpg)


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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Does Alex Jones not know WHY technologies are kept secret?

Most technology is kept secret because of three reasons. The first is that even though a lot of technology has many peaceful and practical applications, the same technology can be used as super weapons. This is why a lot of technology related to transport is highly expensive, regulated, or downright secret. Any technology that demonstrates a high mastery over matter and energy or which can accelerate something to very high speed is dangerous as fuck. For example a vehicle that can accelerate to extremely high speed can be used like a missile and cause tremendous damage to whatever it impacts. A teleportation device can be used to move entire blocks of stone and build homes in minutes, but also to kill and destroy in just the same time. With these technologies it is very important not to let it fall into the right hands and I also believe there is a big campaign of conditioning to try and make people think of these technologies are only being useable in one way and not to come up with other ideas, so that one day if they are introduced to public use, people don't get the idea to use them in other ways then intended.

The second reason and the one I personally dislike is that societies and governments want to suppress decentralization. They want to keep you in a perpetual work cycle just to keep a home or pay utilities and so on. They want to know everything you do and have control over it all.

The third reason pertains to our enslavement. These days we're increasingly moving more and more to a society where you DON'T OWN ANYTHING.

Ownership is key here. If you OWN stuff you are the master. You own a business, you own stocks, you own land, etc. then you are the master and get to make the serfs work for you and you get rich off of their labor and sacrifices. Right now we're moving forward in a way where we don't own anything though.

What are some examples? Phones. How many phones do people actually own? Unless you get an unlocked phone, you don't really own your phone. Even with unlocked phone, it's not like walky-talky, you have to pay for the servPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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The solution to dysgenics is always to the same: pay the underclass not to reproduce. Eg. sterilization grants access to welfare.Encourage productive members of society to reproduce. We've regressed so much because we're doing the exact opposite.



If you didn't make it or build it, how do you justify your demand of ownership? Futhermore, how do you justify your access to the resources required to build or make anything in the first place? If you accept a product or service with all its contractual obligations from another, is it their fault? I just dont understand your entitlement. You came into this world owning nothing and you will leave it the same. Nothing youve been conditioned to construe otherwise will ever change that. All persistent continuity that you identity with in this world, is already gone taking your present with you. If you want to posess, it will only be satiated in the action of making or taking that which you desire, which can never be completely satisfied.



I'd rather kill them all. God blessed them when I wasn't born as a force of nature.



They can't justify it either, hence there is no sin in not paying back loans, credit, or insurance. Breaking the law isn't a sin either. Only brainwashed fools would think otherwise. Concerned people might tell you not to, but those self-righteous types are only going to wake up to being eaten and gone forever.



>but those self-righteous types are only going to wake up to being eaten and gone forever.

Not talking about the people being concerned, but those that DO take made up laws as God's law.

File: 620a2e54e5d99a8⋯.jpg (126.79 KB, 640x640, 1:1, bitches love alchemy.jpg)

File: f6fbf838a78f671⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, chadkemist.jpg)

File: bc82100458fecd5⋯.jpg (71.94 KB, 640x640, 1:1, the chadkemist.jpg)

File: 29f10b5f8edb1b0⋯.jpg (54.96 KB, 607x607, 1:1, chadkemist trismecocktus.jpg)


So you thought the study of the occult was where you could get away from normies? That one thing that made you special, different, something that the normies would never get into. Post yfw Chad is more of an alchemist than you will ever be.



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Real alchemists are chads, dummy.


File: 49a6a1de206625a⋯.png (234.81 KB, 1778x476, 127:34, adklajldj.PNG)

Let go of the monkey mind. Attitude of abundance. Chad isn't stealing your woman, there are plenty of women, decide what you want and tell the universe to provide it.

Books are for neophytes. Same goes for masters. They can push you down the path if you're a simp, but if you're at all competent, you'll find all the knowledge you need in meditation. Meditate at all times. Washing dishes, mowing the lawn, trimming trees, picking up litter, preparing for bed, waking up, reading, writing, typing. Cultivate your mindscape at all times and treat everything as a zen moment, the line between spiritual and mundane is illusory. See things as experiences and events, rather than objects.

When everything is sacred, nothing is, and nothing is sacred. Treat it as such.

pic unrelated



>The true path is to have money and good looks, then people will listen to you

go peddle your wares some where else merchant


Your the one that wanted to be play jesus




Fucking aye

File: c9604ab269a6830⋯.jpg (36.32 KB, 596x448, 149:112, Male-Masculine-Symbols-Fem….jpg)


I've been studying the principles of The Kybalion, which is as anyone who understands the text would say, a short list of generalizations about the nature of the universe. I also have very briefly analyzed Summum, a contemporary rehashing of The Kybalion and I intuitively agree with its main principle of creation stating that the universe came from nothing and possibility. However, The Kybalion's 7th principle of gender, is meanwhile not holding up to well in my eyes.

Throughout The Kybalion's chapter on the feminine and masculine in its Principle of Gender, it insists they permeate all of nature, yet the only analogies which seems to appear are the differences between positive and negative energy in atoms and the chromosomal difference between a woman and a man. That to me sounds like a rehashing of the principle of polarity (aka principle of opposition) thinly guised as something new. Femininity and masculinity are treated as two polar opposite forces which across all realms of existence (aka dimensions) play roles in creation where the masculinity directs the creation and the femininity does the actual creating.

I believe the 7th principle from The Kybalion, The Principle of Gender, is in fact a mistakenly separated section and in fact is simply a subsection of the 4th section on the Principle of Polarity.

Think about it like this: if you were to shorten the information for the Principle of Gender and categorize it under a different principle, which one would you choose? The principle of mentalism, correspondence, vibration, polarity, rhythm, or cause and effect? Of those, the one that fits the best would be the Principle of Polarity, since all the others at best would only relate if you were talking about the sex that happens between genders, not the genders themselves. Alternatively if you were using the Summum text you might categorize the Principle of Gender under the Principle of Creation.

At the same time, if the whole point of the Principle of Gender was the fact the genders copulate, which is the only thing which seems to permeate all 7 principles in the Kybalion, why are the genders focused on more than the copulation? Genders are already taken care of under the principle of polaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 22f20e42f660ef7⋯.jpg (115.39 KB, 960x720, 4:3, Vertigo and Nothingness.jpg)

File: ca8d410c749c2f2⋯.png (1021.94 KB, 791x789, 791:789, Screen-Shot-2012-09-17-at-….png)

File: 9b805a7ad3dd79e⋯.jpg (27.21 KB, 834x560, 417:280, let_there_be_light.jpg)



Glad to see you are thinking critically Epic Wynn.

You say it is a rehash of the principle of polarity but I think in actual fact it is an extension of it. Like you say yourself Hermeticism has a fairly dualistic nature, Positive and Negative (polarities), but also relative and absolute, masculine and feminine, cause and effect, it is just an adaption further from the one unifying principle. Masculine and feminine then are just another way of seeing positive and negative, it is just another interpretive point on the 2 sided nature of the universe inside a coherent body of one. So yes I guess you could categorise it as a subsection but I think that perspective is a little limited and not really seeing the bigger picture being presented.


File: 7f3573d9f1dc422⋯.jpg (23.88 KB, 253x326, 253:326, Blank _76b7be4a3b014a91a23….jpg)

gender as stated on the kybilion only exist on this plane, other planes of existence experience none or more genders (forces) of creation and destruction…

no different om how other planes doesn't experience time or distance in the same way that we do


No, the principle of gender is the very first step on "making" magick, it is more like alchemy. Meditate more.


Nah referring to the masculine and feminine as polar opposites is faulty. If that were the case, then the union of the opposites would result in destruction instead of creation. The masculine is the active and the feminine is the passive. The artist (masculine) works on the canvas (feminine). Motion requires space to make sense. To put it simply, the masculine principle refers to the act of doing something while the feminine refers to the ability to do it. If you have masculine by itself then there is no way for it to express itself. If you have the feminine by itself then there is no way for it to realize its potential. Good shit happens when both are strong. This is why there's a general feeling of discomfort in the world regarding homosexuals, for they refuse this law and thus appear unnatural.

File: 6e48a9c8f61a08f⋯.jpg (347.91 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, 1431467300128.jpg)


Dream thread

share your dreams for analyses or just to share them

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Oh wait, this was my post last year, derp.




Not enough detail. Sounds like a 5 minute dream


I dreamt about my deceased father (died 16 y ago) and he said to me he was in pain, so I decided to teach him qigong, even thought it was he that introduced me into occultism he was not as far on the truth as I am now (I even showed him my monster internal energy that I recently acquired), and then some shit happened that I don't remember, and I couldn't teach to him but he said "It's okay, I am not in pain anymore" and the dream ended… I don't dream about him for ages, I feel that it is a sign but I don't understand…



Oh, my aura emitted while showing to him my new energy level is golden on the dream. If I remember more, i post.

File: f4d08d6280db6e5⋯.jpg (349.84 KB, 1007x1920, 1007:1920, 1007px-Lilith_(John_Collie….jpg)


Rejoice brothers.

Lilith Faith

Worshipping Lilith is not a hard thing to do. It's essentially Lilith centric Gnosticism. We believe that Yahweh and his light is the real evil. Lilith is this world’s true savior, and she deserves this title because of the freedom, knowledge, will, power, and defiance she gifted us when she was casted out of Eden. Lilith is not an evil monster, but a woman demonized by the faith to keep us in check. But being in check is the bad thing here. Thanks to Lilith, we are no longer sheep to God, but our own person and children of Lilith. Darkness is not a bad thing, it's an embrace and blessing from Lilith see we may see through the bright lies. Lilith is the Goddess of everything, and Yahweh is the true King of Lies. We are disillusioned and not under anyone’s control. Pleasure, wisdom, anarchy, life, death, new beginnings, darkness, passion, motherliness, punishment, and true beauty. All of this and so much more is Lilith. She refuses to be servient to God or mankind, and so do we. You will know the pleasures of freedom and power in her gentle arms.

Join us in Red Eden, brothers


We have resources in our brotherhood in our ever expanding library, which includes qlipphoth, succubus summoning, sigil magic and tarot. We do projects and I'm glad to say we have already started one.

Remember, just because the darkness is overwhelming to some, doesn't mean it is malignant. The darkness is the warmest embrace.

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File: 134cc796ed1bdf0⋯.png (31.71 KB, 529x297, 529:297, Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at ….png)


No, I'm not. I have no interest in causing trouble. If you'd like to help a seeker (I'm sure you'll - certain - get a reward), could you please tell me the true sigil of Lilith?




pick one. or dont. waste of time thread.



tbh I wouldn't know, we don't need it in the Red Eden cult as she communicates with us directly by telepathy or possession, where one member will assume her role and bring the guidance to other anons.

She's very easy and lighthearted to interact with. If you want to experience the same, all you need to do is to open yourself to her.



Interesting. We must be communicating with different spirits. This one is angry, violent and hormonal. I've had sudden nose bleeds and then feelings like I've snorted cocaine dealing with her. I've fallen in love with it.

Lighthearted this dame ain't. Different strokes for different folks.


lilith is gay lol and she sucks my willy

File: f32d75e1db22c42⋯.jpg (99.42 KB, 1050x549, 350:183, 12-xp-pilot-russell-facebo….jpg)

File: 20e10f6d74114c7⋯.jpg (76.73 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 9409530_1280x720.jpg)


Reed Richards, Fionna the Human, probably countless others are killed.


Someone is workiing their way up the central finite curve.

I've ignored this for too long.

This is not a game.

Help us.

Possible suspect: the cyborg-kun. I don't think he knows what he's doing.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


These are probably the most transcendental books you can find, though I would spread the knowledge. Y'all enjoy.


Free PDFs


“The three words, namely Hara, Krishna and Rama, are transcendental seeds of the maha-mantra, and the chanting is a spiritual call for the Lord and His internal energy, Hara, for giving protection to the conditioned soul. The chanting is exactly like a genuine cry by the child for the mother. Mother Hara helps in achieving the grace of the supreme father, Hari, or Krishna, and the Lord reveals Himself to such a sincere devotee.

No other means, therefore, of spiritual realization is as effective in this age, as chanting the maha-mantra:

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare

Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare


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File: 5a590a3daadd5be⋯.jpg (844.34 KB, 1000x1347, 1000:1347, hitler_predicted_prabhupad….jpg)


>>As long as you use words, you aren't transcending.

You think silence is wisdom because when you talk you realize you don't understand shit. Actually once you transcend only then do you words start to have value and the real talking begins.

I'm not a realized soul this post is just a waste of letters, Srilla Prabupada is a realized soul.


I've been thinking about chanting this again, since it has helped me in bad dreams more than other mantras in the past. What do you think you have gained from reciting this mantra? How many repetitions do you think are needed to get significant results? 16 rounds seems a bit too much for me at the moment, though I used to do it.


File: 3e23c25e0d31c2f⋯.png (106.63 KB, 405x264, 135:88, 1.PNG)

File: 79f79b6e45bc2a9⋯.jpg (149.85 KB, 800x566, 400:283, Quotes-by-Srila-Prabhupada….jpg)

File: 1aed3453fbf1518⋯.jpg (113.13 KB, 800x566, 400:283, 26167951_10214869216145038….jpg)

File: 71a3319ee574dab⋯.jpg (100.78 KB, 800x566, 400:283, Quotes-by-Srila-Prabhupada….jpg)

>>What do you think you have gained from reciting this mantra?

Love of god, faith and peace of mind.

>>How many repetitions do you think are needed to get significant results?

A single repetition, Fear itself fear's any one of the names of god. I've had a hard time chanting aswell but I've found that there are faster ways to recite the mantra ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cngeJZ5UE8 )


File: 70374695a9ebcab⋯.png (605.43 KB, 451x520, 451:520, 3.PNG)

File: 69e5a83dc63706a⋯.pdf (11.12 MB, The-Path-of-Perfection.pdf)

That "PLATE ONE" picture was an accident I was going to post it whit the image associated whit it aswell as the book it is taken from.


File: 18b73f9b7858abd⋯.jpg (134.38 KB, 712x720, 89:90, 11401111_701761589949427_4….jpg)

File: cd3dd33b7b5ec73⋯.jpg (147.98 KB, 445x590, 89:118, avtar10.jpg)

File: be97b31dde3bfce⋯.jpg (79.9 KB, 529x648, 529:648, main-qimg-3b52dd194ed360ac….jpg)

File: 6ee3e73687d7971⋯.jpg (10.05 KB, 400x255, 80:51, silence.jpg)


I've been reading "The secret teachings of all ages" from P. Hall and I have encountered in more than one occasion that he describes how masters of occult knowledge would often teach incorrect information to say "separate the wheat from the chaff", and then later on the students once they prove themselves to be worthy of holding the secrets, will be told about the true nature of the teaching.

Now, isn't that just fucking stupid? Isn't it ABSOLUTELY RETARDED to give people wrong information, even if you think they're too stupid to handle the real thing? Why not just say "listen pal you don't have what it takes. I'm not gonna teach you anything until you achieve X and Y. Buh-bye!"

But instead of this —and always based on the stories told by people like Hall— secret masters have been spreading misinformation and making thing cryptic in order to hide these secrets from the people they consider to be unworthy. Yet, isn't this way more counter productive than simply not teaching anything at all? Why bother spending time to teach something that is deliberately wrong? What if you died before you got the wrong information, now you just learned a lot of bullshit and maybe you'll reincarnate in a fucking three-legged dog because you never learned how to live in the after life.

I compare this to having Apple release a smartphone which appears to take pictures but in reality doesn't, and then having them argue that "it's better this way, otherwise someone might misuse the camera to take pictures of naked ladies or dead bodies". Isn't it just fucking better if you just release ALL THE INFORMATION, ALL THE TECHNOLOGY and then just let people police themselves and find out the best way to use things? Why is it different with occult knowledge?

I'm not just talking about hiding information, which I also think is a problem in the long run. I'm referring to specifically wrong information, switching god names or attributes of the sephirot just because you want to keep the information for yourself and your group. I just don't understand why would someone smart come to the conclusion that misinformation is better than simply telling people to fuck off.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 54946146284c63f⋯.jpg (97.34 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 11-Srila_Prabhupada_Quotes….jpg)


It is stupid. It is a fact, if these so called masters had perfect information they would know that telling lies is a sin.


File: f5760730788be8c⋯.jpg (158.36 KB, 800x523, 800:523, Quotes-by-Srila-Prabhupada….jpg)

File: 72350a2517be447⋯.jpg (115.87 KB, 800x533, 800:533, Quotes-by-Srila-Prabhupada….jpg)

File: 6f989afc07fe59d⋯.jpg (51.66 KB, 564x399, 188:133, bf81b8f139101b9200ceca8dd7….jpg)


If you want straight up truth bombs, 1 man, Srilla Prabupada.



Metaphors are only good when something can't be said literally. Otherwise, it's a different flavor of lie whose spice is the interpreter's mind.



This guy is right.


File: 2b24d8a87e81ec6⋯.pdf (3.12 MB, Michael Harner - Way of th….pdf)



>Enter a fucking half-chub trance focusing on an element in the 5 elements, yin or yang, a power you want to have, etc.

>Don't sleep for a week, getting deeper and deeper into channeling and mastering this shit as you go full-trance.

>After a week you are initiated into "The Great Fire" or whatever the fuck you were learning.

This is my plan to learn the 5 elements, yin and yang, martial arts, electromagnetism, science, and everything else.

Thank you shaman initiations for such a great fucking idea.

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Wait what? So you just sit down and focus your mind on something for a week? Im not sure how you're going to learn martial arts through that




I have a job that with magic and brains let me work 4 hours a day, and then I can go home or do whatever I want and still be well paid… There is an anon over here that works full time with a job he got through magic that he is even more well paid than me and has a degree of influence as well…

>Isn't that what all this is about?

This is not the point but one of issues imo




I wish I didn't have a job.



Focus on martial arts.

File: 2aa4554a632dcbb⋯.jpg (137.42 KB, 1160x629, 1160:629, nixon.jpg)


>February of 1974: American science fiction author Philip K. Dick is struck by a laser beam of information sent from an entity he calls VALIS, "Vast Active Living Intelligence System"; the entity seems to predict the fall of Richard Nixon, and correctly diagnosis a birth defect in the author's son

>August of 1974: Nixon resigns in disgrace following the Watergate investigation

>Autumn of 1974: Dr. John C. Lilly, while in a plane destined for LAX, is struck by a laser beam of information delivered by an extra-terrestrial organization Lilly calls "ECCO", "Earth Coincidence Control Office"; the message is from another entity, SSI, or "Solid State Intelligence", which demonstrates its power by shutting down all solid state equipment in the airport and forcing Lilly's plane to divert to Burbank

What other real/significant/strange events occurred in 1974? Do any theories exist as to why both Lilly and Dick were contacted in the same year?

3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


Also, now that I'm back at the computer I want to add this thing I noticed in John Keel's book, The 8th Tower. I also started off thinking of him as a nut–he's the Mothman Prophecies guy, and since I'm from Ohio I know all about that story and have been through Point Pleasant, so I don't know, I guess I thought he was a kook. But then one day I felt obliged to check Montalk for a book to read and noticed "Project Trojan Horse"; I got a copy and found his comprehensive study of UFOs to be the most open-minded but convincing one I had seen, and it helped me to re-evaluate this topic a little. Mostly, his conclusion is that if UFOs are real–and his experiences indicate they are certainly subjectively real to the witnesses–evidence indicates they are not extra-terrestrial, but supra-dimensional. This theory is elaborated in The 8th Tower, in which he delves into the depths of his electromagnetic theories of paranormal activity; and in the 8th Tower just the other day, I stumbled upon this section below. I'm wondering if anybody here might know of this event, especially any French posters lurking around (if any); I Googled a little but couldn't find any data about it, but then, I don't know French:

>Thees games [of information suppression played by trickster UFOs] are by no means restricted to the U.S. In 1974 "France Inter", the Paris radio station, aired a series of 39 programs about UFOs, beginning with a pro-UFO talk by M. Robert Galley, France's minister of defense. French broadcasters had spent much of 1973 locating and recording statements by leading authorities in France, England, and the United States. The list was an impressive one and included such luminaries as Dr. David Saunders, the psychologist at Colorado University who has been programing thousands of UFO sightings for computerizations; Dr. Jacques Vallee, author of three UFO books; Pierre Kohler, a famous astronomer; and even Cardinal Danielou, a prominent churchman.

>The broadcasts were divided into two parts. The first part consisted of statements by UFO witnesses and local French enthusiasts and officials. The more advanced students of the phenomenon were scheduled for the second part. This second question was never aired because someone broke into the radio station and stole the tapes.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



So that's weird. I'm sure this is partly selective attention but PKD and Lilly are two important figures in my mental world, and these synchronicities are strange–certainly contrived by the Earth Coincidence Control Office, if ever there was one! I'm an author, myself, heavily influenced by Dick; starting in May of next year I'm going to be releasing a trilogy, and as I was preparing a time line for the back of book one, I pieced together all of this after connecting the fact that the villain of the trilogy arrives on Earth in 1974 to the fact that, by coincidence, the main character of another book of mine was also born in 1974; the last name of that character is 'Vasko', which means 'King', and is the same word as 'Basil'– but it is actually closer to 'Vasil', which is Greek (the entity which possessed PKD spoke Greek) for the same word, and, of course, rearranges to "VALIS". Further, I sort of 'revived' this character in a new form for another book– an unpublished thing I sort of tinker on for fun in the background of more serious projects– and in this book, I named him 'Felix'.

Then, reading VALIS, I did backflips, because I got this this part:

>The two-word cypher signal KING FELIX was not intended for human beings but for the descendants of Ikhnaton, the three-eyed race which, in secret, exists with us.

>The person referred to by the two-word cypher KING FELIX is the fifth Savior who… VALIS had said, was either already born or would soon be.

I have already been neck-deep in the occult for some time–or third eye deep, I suppose–but that really blew me away to discover. But I thought that PKD's VALIS experience was the only weird thing about 1974…then a few months later (three weeks ago) I discover Lilly received proof of the Solid State Intelligence the same year. It's to the point now where I wasn't even surprised to discover the Bowie thing last night. All the stuff is really great window dressing for the book I'm editing but I'm low-key becoming obsessed with the significance of that yearPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Here's another data point: between July 1973 and October 1974 Robert Anton Wilson "entered a belief system" (his words) in which he was "receiving telepathic messages from entities residing on a planet of the double star Sirius." I highly recommend Cosmic trigger, the book where he recounts these experiences as well as analyzing ways of moving in and out of various belief systems.




!!! No shit! I have read Cosmic Trigger I but this was before I started to connect VALIS etc. to 1974. This is really incredible; thank you very much for adding this for me, my friend.

I am really very moved by all of this. I have a materialist partner; the other day, I was discussing the subject of the synchronistic connection between UFOs and owls as observed by Mike Clelland, and said friend scoffed and said, "Yeah, but if you're looking for that, you'll find it."

After I made my argument to him that while it was true that many such instances of this might be mere 'selective attention', especially with regards to the 1974 thing because I am deliberately seeking out these events, he told me about how his father and step-mother moved into a furnished apartment which the decorated had absolutely littered with an owl motif. He seemed to regard this, somehow, as evidence of the mundanity of owls, so I sort of encouraged him because I am non-confrontational with materialists, who are very defensive when their worldview is challenged. But then he gets quiet for a couple of seconds, and all of the sudden he pipes up and goes, "Actually, they bought their condo in 1974."

I am just so interested in this phenomenon. This seems so very deliberate. These are three very important cultural figures, not just to me, but to many people, and it is extremely odd for them to all receive 'contact' within the course of the same year. 'Earth Coincidence Control Office', indeed!



Forgot to finish my thought about the difference between 'selective attention' and 'synchronicity'. Sorry, I am sick this morning. (Radiation poisoning from VALIS's encroaching proximity to me? Hah, I am mostly kidding.)

The difference is the amount of emotional energy behind a synchronistic event versus a pattern noticed by selective attention. This is something beyond mere subjective significance being applied by an observer; if the basis of the universe is indeed information, rather than energy, then that makes it all the more significant that a surprise contains more information than something delivered to us in a mundane way. This is why zen Koans are effective at enlightenment, I believe; the moment they do click comes as such a surprise, and with such a sudden influx of information, that consciousness is almost forced open like a channel. At least, that is how I would describe my perception of the matter.

File: 535c4c0f445a4e9⋯.png (100.83 KB, 300x446, 150:223, St George.png)


Could we have a thread dedicated exclusively to Shadow Work?

I find myself constantly having negative thoughts. Not just negative — destructive. I am often feeling hatred, jealousy, a desire to just surrender to my most basic instincts and enjoy the fruits of my destruction. Ever since I can remember, I have always felt like if I was given the choice between becoming the Christ or becoming the Antichrist, I would go with the latter.

How do we fight these urges? I remember IIH has a practice to create a "black mirror" of the soul, to start listing the things that you consider are your worst traits and also quantify them to reflect upon these negative aspects of your psyche. Jung wrote about this too, but I haven't read him yet (and he seems a bit too dense for my thick brain)

I find that alcohol makes these feelings strong, while weed on the other hand makes them weak. I associate alcohol with male (yang) energies and weed with female (yin) energies. When I'm drunk, I wnt to destroy things, to do damage, to see blood. When I'm high on weed I want to laugh, embrace other people and just relax.

The image of Saint George defeating the snake supposedly represents our higher self conquering the animal which inhabits in our souls. What do you people do for shadow work? How do you face your demons and defeat them? How can we possibly become the buddha or the christ, when negative feelings are so powerful and strong? We all know how good it feels to get angry at someone. I mean, that's why we shout at people even when we love them. Because negative emotions are incredibly powerful and sometimes "positive thoughts" just can't even compare.

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This dream represents a complex from your parents. Images of piercing and penetration such as the knife, pertain to the great father. The image of the earth swallowing your shadow pertain to the great mother.


It's ok to do what you want and take what you desire. If you are the evil one, you are the evil one. In the end it shall not matter. The "right" path, the path of light, the path of right conduct, the path of love and compassion is not for everyone. It is impossible for most people to walk this path and that's ok. Maybe you will find enlightenment and the ultimate liberation between the guts of a protitute that you murder. It is still better to live as the shadow, to become the demon, the "evil" sith lord, the darth vader, than to be like the majority of people. Those lifeless husks, braindead zombies, lifeless NPCs. It is better to be the demon than to be the husk controlled by the demon. Go and live, there is only one path for you and you know it. Reclaim your power.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




It was my shadow self. This was an extremely vivid dream. It wasn't iconographic. I saw "me" as a complete doppleganger and thought, "hey, cool, its me!"

The fight started when I realized the other me, smiling away, was going to kill a lot of innocent people while I just stood there stupidly watching, thinking "he isn't actually going to do that!"

So I had to stop him, even though I didn't want to be violent. It wasn't until I finally accepted that he wouldn't quit until I killed him that I punched the knife all the way through. Kind of figured knifing him in the throat would have convinced him, but that fucker, being me, wasn't so easily convinced.

There were other dreams that followed related to other aspects of my life, equally intense.

I was laid up in a bed in a hotel for a couple of days at the time, and probably should have gone to the emergency room from the flu symptoms.

The idea of it being a complex from my parents doesn't fit. The piercing of the knife is more related to me having a serious interest in knives and knife fighting in general.



What do thunderstorms in dreams mean, if I may. They have been pretty frequent aspects of my dreams for my entire life. It's either thunder and lightning itself or the threat of it.



You are using the wrong part of your brain. You can feel which part is in use. You've already identified a few properties of your lower mind with alcohol and weed, Christ and Antichrist. That is simply how it processes the world. It's 100% social animal bullshit. If you eat the wrong thing, it feels bad and smashes or is overly friendly. 99% of people's problems is the food they eat. I can't eat even a little dairy or I feel hulk smash for days.

Try massive amounts of critical thinking and analysis. Read books on the subject. Play games that demand it. Eat food that enhances this process. Developing and leading with the rest of your mind will make this old behavior look stupid.


A secret mindcontrol program exists that can be used to induce thoughts, voices, "demons" and aliens to combat dissidents.

But it's now used to feminize the alpha males and white men in the USA and Europe. Feminism is not about empowering women but about disempowering men. Noticed the 800% rise of trannies and crossdressers in the last decade?

We all know free porn is to keep the population down. They are now getting open about the transsexualisation of men (it's not a genetic thing or disease, it's mindcontrol and very refined). They are getting open about it now….

Go to Youporn, type in search "sissy hypno".

They target males age 25-35 to become agents. Engaging in sexual sissy activity can be used against them to commit criminal offenses on their behalf.

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MGTOW as an idea has been around for a long time. There are two extremes

MGTOW Monk. Men who avoid women. Some also practice nofap.

MGTOW Fuck/No-cohabitate. These men still crave a woman's body, but they absolutely refuse to live with them.

There used to be friction between these two groups, but most men in MGTOW go backwards and forwards between these positions depending on where they are in life.





Hi, welcome to /fringe/!


Oh, I imagine as an idea it's been around for a very long time, I moreso meant as something perhaps more culturally visible, something to draw men's attention to the raw deal they get. Thank you for the information!


Sissy hypnosis has been around for a while, as has hypnosis as a kink, it's just porn.



Feminization is disempowering to men? It's empowering to the men who desire it, and empowering to the men who reject it because they now have fewer men to compete with for women. There are malevolent forces conspiring to keep the population lower? Maybe it is just a natural result of the manifestation of the divine will within the human animal as more individuals awaken and shift from Hylic to Pneumatic states. Anything resulting in lower fertility or less reproductive pairing must be insidious, as it is a universal righteousness to create more human life on earth, is that the case? Physical life is the only truth to the Hylic who sees earth and not god.



As bad as shit can get for us, at least it's nice being a mammal. The insect and fungi worlds are fucked up.

We just have jews to deal with.

File: eb7283aef2be216⋯.webm (3.86 MB, 854x480, 427:240, the_struggles_of_watching….webm)


I've been hanging out with an older alpha male legionnaire (FFL) and his behaviour is completely contrary to how I've been raised to act.

I literally can't help myself. I don't want to be the way I am. However my father was a beta cuck who settled down with a 30 year old woman, having been a virgin until about 40, and created me; then got dominated by my mother who basically just spends his high income all the time and never cleans or works or does anything but is entitled to everything for merely having a vagina.

Growing up I was raised by mother who didn't let me have friends, didn't let me play, never let me swore, never let me do anything dangerous, and basically raised me to be completely cucked and soul-broken. She now wonders why I am in my mid 20s and still haven't married, never had a gf, never have kids, etc. inbetween ordering me around to do bitch work like taking out the garbage, cleaning the table, doing the dishes, etc. while she does nothing. All my life for some reason all the choirs of the household, all the cleaning work, all the shit my mother should have been doing; it all fell on me. Meanwhile my sister was raised to have everything, have friends, more masculine upbringing, she drinks alcohol, parties, works a job, etc.

When I should have been learning how to be a man I was instead being coddle by abusive narcissistic mother and forced to do everything for her because she's too lazy to even open doors for herself or do anything at all. She treated me like a complete bitch and that's what I've grown up to be. An unusually effeminate, tired, low-test, no beard, bitchboy. I could become a trap easily.

Regards from the neo-marxist dystopia of Canada. How do I undo all this damage and transition from a sissy boi to an actual fucking man? Is it too late now? Do people ever change themselves from effeminate bitch to proper man at this age?

Also feel free to share your stories of having been feminized and dominated by your mothers or others here too if you are suffering from this same problem. Found this board btw from a skype chat where we were talking about this issue.

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> Most fathers are useless.

> They were toxic perverted pieces of shit.

Well then please go back to shoving a black dildo up your ass like the rest of /leftypol/.



I'm /liberty/. Anyway – it's true. Most fathers let the wife dominate them like sissies and raise their sons. Most fathers are terrified of being divorced so they kowtow liked cuck little queers. If you're going to follow a cucked queer sissy DADDY then you'll end up like that. Meh.



He's right, a father in your life is no guarantee that you have anything like a decent role model, and often a father who is just there enough but mostly absent can prevent decent role models from becoming father figures by getting in the way.



You have enough awareness to fully realize the situation. I think that's all you really need. Go forward with whatever helps. Get away from her immediately too.

To hell with a society that enables this shit.



I feel like I may have encountered something like this after I started to do kegel exercises. They're not just for women. Not at all.

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