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File: 1db205addd047ae⋯.jpg (118.67 KB, 720x960, 3:4, Milk Police.jpg)

74abb7  No.139016[Reply]

• No spamming.

>>139165 or >>1859 might cover basic questions. Did you check the sticky?

• The topic of the board is fitness, health, exercise, etc.

• All meta discussion, complaints, suggestions, etc go in this thread.

• Kindly spoiler all porn and gore.

• You’re gonna make it something.

Any and all 8chan global rules apply at all times.*

*“Do not post, request, or link to any content that is illegal in the United States of America and do not create boards with the purpose of posting or spreading such content.


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cab2d5  No.142847



File: 63d8438b46b7381⋯.jpg (140.99 KB, 1534x786, 767:393, split snatch.jpg)

File: 60bdb775a641205⋯.jpg (304.15 KB, 1600x599, 1600:599, clean and press.jpg)

File: 9caf11578e9f4ec⋯.png (552.22 KB, 1245x1105, 249:221, Steroidogenesis.svg.png)

File: f8a3326a75735de⋯.png (73.2 KB, 744x1052, 186:263, Mevalonate_pathway.svg.png)

File: d8ef3b863fc7391⋯.png (132.3 KB, 1150x1024, 575:512, Eicosanoid_synthesis.svg.png)

c3e66e  No.139165[Reply]

This will be the new information repository that will replace the Info images thread eventually. Locked for now.

Community Links

Simple Science Fitness.


Never participated in a weight training regimen before?

Jump right in by picking a 2 day split program from this list of templates:

⦿ ExRx.net : Weight Training Workout Templates.


Board Pages

Saved Threads.






Other External Links

ExRx.net : Exercise Directory.


ExRx.net : Muscle Directory.


ExRx.net : Olympic-style Weightlifts.

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File: 1411340685000.jpg (400.45 KB, 1126x1001, 1126:1001, diet.jpg)

aa05a4  No.1859[Reply]

Let's post informational images from old /fit/ like pic related to make sure they've all had a chance to be seen and saved on 8chan at least once.
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aa05a4  No.60531


re roll

File: 1457550168803.webm (5.62 MB, 640x360, 16:9, vid now.webm)

061100  No.89103[Reply]

webms that make you think

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edef73  No.142807


>only has to move the weight like 3 inches

>still can't break parallel

Look I don't care if hes a midget and I don't care if thats a ton of weight that would shatter my spine you want credit actually do the lift


Due to leverage shorter people have a strength advantage at the same weight. Its also easier for them to build noticeable muscle mass aka look swole. Still as a 5'9" king of manlets I would trade some of my gains for a couple more inches in a heartbeat.

76aba7  No.142885

File: 6d1d7264c53876d⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 2.18 MB, 640x360, 16:9, image.mp4)

Simply porn.

c72297  No.142906

File: fb8c553376e9d1a⋯.webm (2.39 MB, 480x360, 4:3, liftan.webm)

76aba7  No.142956

File: fb0fd5039e0cee6⋯.mp4 (610.76 KB, 480x480, 1:1, image.mp4)

76aba7  No.142977

File: 0eb161b48ed16ec⋯.mp4 (1.79 MB, 720x720, 1:1, image.mp4)

File: e4b049aa51df179⋯.jpg (8.66 KB, 197x256, 197:256, download (2).jpg)

df0757  No.139020[Reply]

It's summertime and it's too hot to do anything at all outside except at night and the morning. Only option is to do workouts in my room until I can afford a gym in a couple weeks. Anyone know any exercises I can do in my room? Especially exercises that don't cause the door and the wall to shake and bother everyone in the house?

Edited subject line because strangely worded statement about nonexistent board policy

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Post last edited at

ab9218  No.142931


I can manage 2, maybe 3 with shitty form.

Should I go to failure with the resistance bands or the negatives?

The perks of being 1,93centimeters tall and not being a skelly, I guess.

4ca983  No.142940


Bands offer the least assistance towards the top of the movement, so if that's what you struggle with, try the negatives instead.

54239d  No.142964

File: 86e023160fae8a2⋯.jpg (125.59 KB, 1063x1600, 1063:1600, C5jnKkpU8AAm1Sg-1.jpg)

Is this achiavable natty?

Is this achieveable without high weights?

I cant pay a gym membership and only have 35 kilos of weight ,i have a chin-up bar and a table for rows.

9adf94  No.142974


>Is this achiavable natty?

No. You need to be on at least your third cycle to become a k-pop star

89430a  No.142976


HAHAHA I remember that post but I dont have the cap

File: 490e25fa1ae9bfb⋯.jpg (36.5 KB, 500x580, 25:29, 1507855563885.jpg)

f43754  No.128367[Reply]

Simple question, keep seeing it pop up here but don't know why. I want to know because I think I'm finally ready to hit a local gym (that just so happens to be crossfit) instead of doing really basic stuff like pushups at home

34 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

689290  No.142835


Thank you I was just about to make this post.

In fact board owner can we get an auto ban on that word? Please even its only like a 5 min ban.

f9b650  No.142859

Since this thread is back up, summed up crossfit shit reasons are:

<you go for best time and throw form and proper rest out the window

<everyone works out with the same weight you just go for best time, so the new guy and the vet are both squatting 1 pl8 50 times

<at least here its fucking expensive like 150+ a month for "unlimited sessions"

<you cant really use the gym as a standard lifting gym on your downtime

<the whole crossfit culture and dumb posers who partake

>if your a lanklet you will be better off than anyone else

>once you know the routines you can pretty much do it at home with some equipment

<highest injury rate out of any weightlifting activity

<assault bike

05a731  No.142865

Went with an uncle to a crossfit gym a couple of times. We did the whole aerobics + weightlifting stuff, it was different every time we went. That was honestly very hard cardio training, I was a sweating mess, this shit was hard man. The weightlifting aspect seemed suboptimal though. It was some sort of full body training where you did every exercise like it was cardio. It seemed suboptimal to me because they made me do one set of like 30 reps instead of breaking it into sets, and it seemed like the focus was more on getting 30 reps instead of using a weight that was hard for you or the quality of reps.

I noticed that there were a couple of strong jacked guys that were doing there own thing in a corner. They were doing heavy deadlifts (about 3 plate?) for low rep sets.

Does crossfit have different styles of training? It looked like the class had to do meme training while to jacked boys were following doing sort of real powerlifting.

ff49f5  No.142955

I don't know, I'm no expert, but I any time I see a cuckfit they always look pretty jacked. Even the women I've seen look pretty muscular and thick.

I thought of trying, but it looks like if you fuxk up your form you'll fucking injure yourself

f0cbe7  No.142975


>but it looks like if you fuxk up your form you'll fucking injure yourself

This is true of any physical exercise

File: e01de5d140f85c1⋯.png (25.63 KB, 508x530, 254:265, E42C1C41-C437-47B2-86FC-BC….png)

35e9fc  No.142958[Reply]

Is “functional strength” a meme, or is there something to it? Sounds like a buzz word to me.

304553  No.142960

Functional strength means lifting things the way you would in real life situations, like large irregularly shaped boxes in a warehouse, or rolls of material in a manufacturing job. Machines that control the way you lift only exercise very specific muscle groups by making it physically impossible to utilize others. Compound lifts with free weights build functional strength because they exercise many muscle groups and your ability to stabilize what you're holding. You're a fucking idiot for not figuring this out.

7e85d5  No.142961

File: 51692904139f69d⋯.jpg (92.29 KB, 600x915, 40:61, IMG-20181007-WA0000.jpg)

If you would live in a countryside, functional strength would really come in handy, when you have to help others. Just this winter, had to carry to the tractor and basically deadlift a half axel with it's housing in place, in the middle of a forest, weighting somewhere aroud 100kg.

But if you live in a city and you don't do physically demanding stuff on a daily basis, then you probably don't need that. In my opinion, you have to develop your overall muscle strength, not just few selected muscle groups.

35e9fc  No.142968

Well, fuck you too, dick. I actually exclusively do compound lifts, so I know about the importance of stabilizers. But the idea that isolation movements have no functional purpose is just absurd. I think they have some carry over into the real world, but it just depends on what you’re doing.

Then there’s the case where a guy doesn’t do full ROM, but they gain some strength by doing so. If he only has to lift something off the ground for a quarter rep of a deadlift, that’s functional for HIM. That was the fucking point of my post, you god damn dick. Whether a particular training mode is functional is contextual to the person’s circumstances. Go jump off a cliff.


I live in a city, but I started lifting weights because my back was starting to hurt at my old office job. So I didn’t and still don’t lift heavy lifts outside of the gym, but simply having better posture and no back pain is a major benefit. Weightlifting of all sorts will build bone density, so that gives you more protection from injuries. So ya, I agree that compound lifts have the most utility because they work multiple muscle groups and stabilizers, but any muscle and strength growth is going to be “functional” in some sense.

35e9fc  No.142969

The “fuck you” part was meant for >>142960. Seriously, quit being such a fucking faggot over a basic question.

821bde  No.142973


Define "functional strength"

File: 6e35024c3ad13d3⋯.jpeg (126.89 KB, 1024x543, 1024:543, FB88B443-8DFE-4B89-8376-9….jpeg)

File: f21f3cf63ccecae⋯.jpeg (229.91 KB, 1920x1280, 3:2, CFCF996E-36CB-400D-8B77-8….jpeg)

7a6c35  No.142966[Reply]

I’m not gay, but a strong muscular upper body turns me on so much

761d52  No.142971


>tfw you will never get to be his friend

why even live

9fd776  No.142972

I've never seen him without his hat. Is he balding?

File: 3c9005f1a26ac6e⋯.jpeg (166.45 KB, 803x1024, 803:1024, 44AAB1B1-051F-48F6-9761-E….jpeg)

b0de29  No.142941[Reply]

I’m aspiring to be an Oympic-style weightlifter, but I’m too broke to afford an OLY coach. Any tips, diet advice, and programs would be nice.

My gym has an Olympic platform with bumper plates and all. I can only do a 70 pound (32kg) snatch and a 90 pound (42kg) clean & jerk. I just try to imitate what I see other weightlifters doing, but they are probably making it look easier than it really is.

e38d76  No.142942

Figure out how wide your hand position on the bar should be before you do anything at all. For snatches your arms should be wide enough to raise the bar so it will touch the hip bones while standing.

b0de29  No.142970


Okay, thanks.

Any other tips from anyone else??

File: 5c9ed415894bec7⋯.jpg (70.46 KB, 817x322, 817:322, diet.jpg)

249fb4  No.142662[Reply]

Post your diet and other anons rate it and give advice

This is more or less what my diet looks like. Some bread, a pack of sweets, and some vegetables.

11 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

5c313f  No.142805


You’re thinking of lox, retard, lox is salmon on bagels (combined with cream cheese or “schmear”)

Hummus is a Moroccan / maghrebi and Levantine dish made with chickpeas and tahini

Totally different things.

a47aa0  No.142898

File: 5032cd87759b9b7⋯.jpg (86.64 KB, 871x393, 871:393, Untitled.jpg)

OP here again. I went over my calorie goal again, but I'm still losing weight since my TDEE is 2400 kcals. I'm sick of being overweight, but I've made enough progress that I fit into my old clothes, fortunately.

30ed49  No.142947

I eat once a day, since I like to stuff myself whenever I eat.

1 metric cup of brocolli

1 metric cup of cauliflower

1 metric cup of sliced carrots

1 metric cup of peas

1 tomato

Dice em all up.

Mixed with:

1 tsp red pesto

3 oz chicken breast

3 tbsp lentils

Then, I had a cup of black coffee, a banana, a biscuit, and some shitty Indian sweet my family bought, and need to finish.

a0eff2  No.142949

File: 584014e1e04ff72⋯.jpg (173.62 KB, 1089x1154, 1089:1154, 102306.jpg)

I don't pay much attention to my diet, because I spend most of my time in gym or doing stuff outside but here's my basic diet.


4-5 egg omelette,

~100g oatmeal with milk

200g cottage cheese

0.5l green tea

Some sandwiches


Some kind of a soup

200g Rice/Buckwheat

Pork/chicken/fish meat


0.5l milk

Some eggs

Semolina porridge

200g cottage cheese

I don't eat heavy past 20:00. I drink about 1.5l of water every day. Diet includes fruits daily. My diet varies weekly, but this is in general. I don't know how much calories it is, tbh. Also, I practically don't use sugar in my diet and I add horseradish or russian mustard to cottage cheese.

f19728  No.142967

File: a58fa3c1cd97d15⋯.png (101.85 KB, 1080x1600, 27:40, macros.png)

Macros for about the past month. Fat is red, blue is carbs, green is protein.

Tracking app I use is Cronometer

File: dd49918fa0bc773⋯.png (493.92 KB, 884x937, 884:937, de74610546399fe036bf13baba….png)

File: 9e288f57ff0d29d⋯.jpg (45.31 KB, 587x595, 587:595, 50ab0187.jpg)

0a4105  No.142820[Reply]

>literally od's from a cocktail of cutters and roids

>/fit/ worships him as some kind of god

Proves that board isn't about living healthy, it's about looking good.

At this point why not just be pro-plastic surgery? Taking roids is the equivalent of getting silicone implant abs, you people are disgusting.

264dc6  No.142833

I think you are confusing us with cuckchan. Nobody here hardly mentions him and if they do its usually as part of some sort of joke.

In any case wasn't this guy already dying anyways? The drugs might have sped things up a bit but I'm pretty sure this guy wasn't making it to 30 no matter what he did.

42c4b7  No.142838

Are you retarded. Not everyone here wants to be a bodybuilder.

0f370b  No.142843


Zyzz is only mentioned here as a gag. You'd have a point if you were talking about Scooby though since he turned out to be a gay, jewish fraud.

b8e573  No.142905

>Completely ignores that a good amount of people want to compete and so choose not to do roids

>Why not just get plastic surgery and end up getting a body you haven't worked for and still being weak as shit

I diagnose you with retard

f77fb7  No.142965

Nuchan worships him ironically, they, of course, think he is a meme.

I generally dislike ZYZZ for giving people who do roids a bad reputation. He is literally that one loser who went on taking countless drugs without thinking about it twice only to die like a heroin addict. I generally have a dislike for people who use steroids without been somewhat well trained. Steroids are either for people who want to compete or simply want a better life and don't plan on having kids.

File: 4254385a825d137⋯.gif (236 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1385269136992.gif)

163e76  No.115774[Reply]

What was that final drive that made you start going to the gym on a regular basis?

145 posts and 44 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

5012dd  No.142930

Hey fellas, I have a problem.

I'm severely underweight, but at the same time can't afford to get 2500-3000 calories a day, because I'm fucking poor as hell. What a lovely combination.. What should I do? Any advice?

bddd4a  No.142945

File: d57ac5ecd5d9934⋯.jpg (209.94 KB, 633x823, 633:823, 1431922845850.jpg)


>I could easily pull more, but my head won't let me

pull more until you pass out, is this even a question?

5e2a1a  No.142948

My back started to hurt after two years of working an office job.

78076e  No.142962

80% of the reason i work out is to get my noodle wet, the 20% left is for my health

78076e  No.142963

is it normal that my hands are shaking after a hard workout ?

File: 02448ca8371b80c⋯.jpg (49.34 KB, 800x533, 800:533, magerquark.jpg)

30be1d  No.139302[Reply]

What is your main protein source?

For me its

>Lowfat Quark

>Cheap as fuck

>Tastes acceptable even if eaten pure, add 20g of muesli and you've got something even a sane person would eat


<Slowly realize lactose intolerance might be the reason for my bacne and slight acne

>Turkey breast

>Tastes much better than chicken breast, relatively cheap for meat

>Nothing bad to say about it


>peanuts, peanut butter

>sesame paste

I eat about 1 to 1.5kg lowfat quark a day, thats 2.2 to 3.3lbs in burger units, and want to replace it with some non-diary protein at least to try it out. What can you recommend? Im considering Tuna but the smell and taste is really horrible at least in raw form, and i don't want to slowly turn retarded from mercury poisoning.

39 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

73971b  No.140200

A nice ribeye from the store

Tbones are good too

Pork steak sometimes at a nice restaurant (it's a st louis thing)


greek yogurt (be careful with this because there's some that are high fat and low protein read the label!!!!)

um that's about it for lately

1b8777  No.142950


Ground beef > steak

eea014  No.142954


meatpill is 2nd recommendation from personal experience

i also really appreciate autist anon so he is 3rd

12b840  No.142957

Tofu soymilk bread bagels peas wheat cereal rye fruit potatoes quinoa lentils rice

2a31b4  No.142959


>have to take supplements to ward off scurvy

I think i'll keep eating a balanced diet of both meat and plant matter

File: deca4eee7435120⋯.png (624.07 KB, 703x392, 703:392, thots.PNG)

2da287  No.138920[Reply]


Look at this thottery. Big Z has 6pl8 on the bar and he's trying to psych himself up for this lift. He's worked hard all his life to get where he is. Then these stupid THOTS come in with their exhibitionist yoga pants bending over sticking their ass right in his face chatting and fucking around "teehee girls go to the gym too silly boys!" They will never experience hardship. They will coast through life getting everything they want because they have flesh holes to fuck. Look at them. She does like 2 sets of those "squats" what is that 30kg? Wow I'm so impressed. With the pussy pad too. You really lift sister. Women are just embarrassing and they should stay the fuck out of gyms where men are genuinely trying to work hard.

66 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f887b2  No.142757

File: 959c56073bec39b⋯.jpg (52.75 KB, 396x504, 11:14, Letsgo.jpg)


>>Put earplugs in

>>Do the fucking lift because I come here for that

>>Actually let me challenge myself

>> Do the fucking lift with my raging boner while keeping eye contact with both girls at the same time

You see problems where I see opportunities, anon.

4d179e  No.142765

File: 69197c9012cdc77⋯.jpg (88.48 KB, 543x538, 543:538, this is your future.jpg)

>caring about this kind of shit

>getting distracted this easily

>not just focusing on what you came to do

Lift for yourself, anon. Most people who go to the gym do so to get /fit/ and those that don't aren't worth paying attention to anyway. IGNORE TITTY AND LIFT YOUR FUCKING WEIGHTS. WHAT KIND OF FAGGOT ARE YOU.

9d4d67  No.142939

both people paid the same amount of money to use the gym

both have equal right

everybody is getting along fine. different people with different goals at different stages of their training.

OP is a fucking virgin/elliot roger

98eb92  No.142952

c51af8  No.142953


Not even the issue. They're the ones who stare half the time.

File: 4b4c8480653e7ba⋯.jpg (68.89 KB, 1100x670, 110:67, teeth.jpg)

1b975c  No.142921[Reply]

Is it actually possible? I've been paying more attention to my teeth recently and i've noticed that they've stayed yellow no matter how much I floss or brush.

Have I done irreparable damage? Or is this just one of those things that just takes time to achieve?

96210c  No.142923

File: a85ac8d970840e6⋯.jpg (57.37 KB, 500x375, 4:3, proud englishman flashes h….jpg)

as an anglo I suggest you embrace the yellow stonehenge in yer gob and you disregard what others think about you. its how we ruled the world. then we became faggots who started caring what the rest of the world and our colonies thought about us and look at us now.

so yeah

rock on, snaggletooth

also, your teeth are supposed to look slightly yellow, pure white teeth are an unnatural phenomenon

22cc6f  No.142928


If they're really bad, there's probably something in your diet you need to cut out. If they're just slightly yellow, it's probably not as bad as you think.

bffe65  No.142944


yes, you can order teeth whitening trays+gel online that actually work, ~$150-180. ideally, you would get the trays fitted and ready to go and then start whitening right after a dental cleaning

brushing will not whiten your teeth, it will only help prevent them from yellowing further. whitening gel works though, I assure you. otherwise, all the ASMR and streamer sluts, female e-celebs of all kinds wouldn't have perfect sparkly white teeth. I've used it and there's a visibly noticable difference after one evening with the trays in

f3d4c1  No.142946

Teeth eventually yellow as the enamel on it progressively thins with age and brushing revealing more of the yellow dentin underneath. You can use teeth whitening kits to bleach the underlying layer and make them whiter. Just make sure to use remineralization gel to help fight the sensitivity that will invariably occur afterwards.

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