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game devving

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


we have one for books and movies

I'll start. can't get anymore bleak than this:

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File: be5636b946ed78b⋯.jpg (81.61 KB, 736x981, 736:981, f1306f929e666986039642a31d….jpg)



You missed the point bruv. You don't cope with doom, you embrace it. There is no help, there is no hope, the night will go on forever and there is not a single thing anyone can do about it.

File: 4f6b2341ad91773⋯.jpg (41.77 KB, 720x886, 360:443, large (1).jpg)


this board will remain like a true doomer - dead and empty inside

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wtf i love milfs now?

File: 4a19a8eeaf6dfd5⋯.mp4 (206.7 KB, 1160x480, 29:12, 0b0d048c-fd01-4136-a025-d4….mp4)


And that there is nothing you can or will ever be able to do anything about it.

That sudden moment of clarity, that it's all over, no matter what you will ever do.

30+ thread only.

Before i jumped, there was hope.

After the jump, there is nothing.

It's over.



the answer is a mix of novelty and hedonism. fill your time with as much dopamine as possible, through drugs, travel, tv, books and music. the rest of the time just wallow in your misery and work, looking forward to your next hit.



Daily reminder that if you live in wealthy country and don't care, you should proudly take neetbux and troll wagecucks.


File: a8953d03b741754⋯.jpg (49.98 KB, 512x512, 1:1, a8953d03b74175473dfa7b6494….jpg)

I try to find pleasure in the simple things. Today I helped my aunt move her stuff and had some French fries with a shit load of ketchup that tasted great. It's been a few months atleast sense I've had some fries.

It was depressing upon retrospect that this was the closest thing to joy I could get is in some fries and helping my aunt out

I considered maybe moving with her to try and force life change. But I have no guarantee it would work. Id have to find a new job for one, but more importantly id hate to be in a new place without anyone to fall back on. My aunt's a nice woman, but I should be living with my girlfriend or friends. That to me is real progress

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


What do you miss, doomer? What do you wish you could experience again for the first time?

I miss my mother's breakfasts, we never had much growing up but she always managed to put something warm and tasty in front of us in the morning. I can't say I have had food that made me that kind of happy since.

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>being famous for the sake of being famous, not actual talent or making OC.

Something even happened to art and I think it's not because of zoomers. All music sounds the same nowadays and I'm not even talking about ultra popular crap. Post-rock has this problem, shoegaze/dream pop has it, any indie rock has it like since 2010s at least. It's as if people only can copy one another and if you have somebody with something original, it's always coin toss, either he/she will become appreciated usually after paid media campaign, or people will hate it, while listening to same crap imitating some other band. I won't comment visual art, I don't understand what's happening there nowadays.

>I remember not being a poser was a big deal when I was a teen

Definitely but there were some trends going on in fashion and music even in 90s/80s and a lot people followed them. But I agree, going against the stream was much bigger thing, nowadays it seems it's bad attitude if you don't follow some trend.

>Some of these kids are gonna get their lives ruined 20 years from now because all the stupid shit they do now is gonna be stored forever. They could easily get blackmailed with it.

It's big problem in politics. If you have politician you can blackmail, you have leverage for your interests.



>Definitely but there were some trends going on in fashion and music even in 90s/80s

Not denying it was a gradual thing but still we used to mock tools who walked around with a tshirt that had a logo on it and now kids go nuts over supreme which is just a cheap ass shirt with a big fucking logo in the middle or literally full of logos all around, and overpriced as fuck. Even movies mocked this but now even post apocalyptic movies have product placement, its ridiculous

>If you have politician you can blackmail, you have leverage for your interests.

Thats been a thing for a while, you got entire teams that go through some candidate's trash looking for shit to smear him with. But now corporations could blackmail ANYONE, they track everything and have social graphs for everybody, even if you aren't on facebook or google they can infer who you are from what other people say about you, and everybody specially zoomers are oversharing social media whores. it has become incredibly difficult to avoid this, euro laws like the right to be forgotten dont ensure your data is actually deleted, there is no way to know if a backup of your stuff isnt in some cold storage server.



>who walked around with a tshirt that had a logo on it and now kids go nuts over supreme which is just a cheap ass shirt with a big fucking logo in the middle or literally full of logos all around, and overpriced as fuck

Yes, they basically pay insane amount of money (for a clothes) just to be walking advertisements. It's not even artsy as in Warholian sense, it's just retarded. However, didn't this originated in skate culture? Stuff they sold was basically just all kinds of skateboards and tshirts with just logos on them but at least it had usually some interesting design.

>they track everything and have social graphs for everybody, even if you aren't on facebook or google they can infer who you are from what other people say about you

There is one more way how to cheat that and that is actually admitting your flaws of the past and being open about them. It doesn't mean more information about politicians will bring us better government sadly, we see it in EU. Politicians basically can do anything and it takes ages for people to even respond or go to streets. We've became very passive sheeps, no wonder """elites""" are laughing on us and not taking us seriously.



I used to be a skater, I think it all started with putting stickers on your board and because the point was to cover the entire thing you would put anything including brands. But the real jump was when companies like vans went mainstream and began selling skater clothing everywhere. Then again I been out of the subculture for a while and wasn't there during the transition to whatever it is now

>We've became very passive sheeps, no wonder """elites""" are laughing on us and not taking us seriously.

Dunno man, I wish people here had the balls to do something like the yellow vests in france, we have even higher taxes here and everybody seems happy to be fucked over by the government



I just guessed, I was never a skater so I have no idea.

>Then again I been out of the subculture for a while and wasn't there during the transition to whatever it is now

The only company I heard complaining was Thrasher because their merch became trend or something. There were a few articles about that.

>Dunno man, I wish people here had the balls to do something like the yellow vests in france, we have even higher taxes here and everybody seems happy to be fucked over by the government

There is hope that yellow vests will spread out all over Europe, however if you pay at least slight attention to media, I don't know how it is in your country but here you won't find any info about it. They inform about it once in two weeks like it's some regular violent protest while in fact this thing is going on for months. It's maybe hard to believe for some, but really a lot people have even no clue or don't care about yellow vests

File: a79eee375eea31a⋯.jpg (120.09 KB, 992x744, 4:3, coffee-gty-jt-170820_3_4x3….jpg)


How does /doomer/ like their coffee? I make cold brew in the summer and like the coffee my shitty espresso maker makes when it's time for something hot.

Shit thread I know but this is a shit board and deserves shit threads

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File: 6fd45fd83dc7b5e⋯.jpg (323.4 KB, 2089x2429, 2089:2429, mfw.jpg)



>just take this (((pill))) goy don't get your caffeine from the natural source of caffeine


File: 80d72e1ab4ce6d3⋯.jpg (219.58 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, tfw canada.jpg)


File: 9bf64633b18d2b8⋯.jpg (75.02 KB, 500x585, 100:117, Untitled.jpg)


a brazilian picking on other peoples races


File: ec989cd5fbe873b⋯.png (85.81 KB, 300x300, 1:1, moka.png)

sextuple shot espresso in one of these

File: e6af97c914e5f1b⋯.jpg (154.88 KB, 455x800, 91:160, vitalik buterin.jpg)


i kind of want a doomer bf. i like their aesthetic and their attitude. it's pretty hot.

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gas urself fag


File: 8b21c65d990d554⋯.png (66.68 KB, 450x450, 1:1, iah.png)


Top post! IAH approved!



this is pretty true. i personally dont use shit like that but i do try and drop subtle conversational hints about mens cloths and dance femininely "as a joke" at parties and stuff to hint that i might like boipussy too. it isnt even anything thatt screams "im a flaming faggot," just a little bit different from straight guys.




its like you care about your lungs or something



didnt read most of it because it was too long, but here's in response to sage's first post

>comparable to infertility, therefore disability

this implies infertile men and women are immoral as well

>comarable to straight sex, therefore fetish

this implies the only moral sex is completely vanilla

>comarable to friendship, therefore why sex?

this implies fuckbuddies and hookups are immoral

>unsafe because of disease

this is implying straight sex wouldnt lead to as much disease if pregnancy wasnt a problem, as well as implying doing doing something that damages you a little bit for pleasure is immoral

>if valid bonding, reproduction should be possible

this either assumes nature allows certain things and provides a moral compass, in which case nature takes the place of religion, so not secular. it could also assume that anything good allows propogation of the species is good, and vice versa

>if comarable to straight love, why more sex?

because men are more promiscuous than women. if women were as promiscuous as men, the ammount of sex would be at least close to the same

>if nothing wrong, why would it cease to exist

this response is also a continuation of the romantic bonding response. these are natalistic responses, if you are a natalist, and believe that morality depends, at least in part, on whether something increases your species or race's ability to grow. if you believe in any other purpose for humans, it falls apart.

>errors occur, gayness running in families

we know what causes it, the horomone washes that the fetus undergoes in the womb get messed up. thats the reason gayness runs in families, because the womens bodies are more likely to mess up with the horomones.

File: d030538bdcb44a3⋯.jpg (42.79 KB, 720x720, 1:1, d030538bdcb44a3ecbca1817b2….jpg)

File: 38c47d85f0b69e1⋯.jpg (25.95 KB, 960x771, 320:257, 22089800_817667408413563_1….jpg)

File: 4217c5ec943a26a⋯.jpg (36.5 KB, 500x625, 4:5, tumblr_oo61iqyaLH1tsszw2o1….jpg)

File: 37c37116e1b7c44⋯.jpg (24.19 KB, 564x564, 1:1, 9635fd4facf2edf71bdc065ae8….jpg)


This is a thread for patricians to share and discuss goth bitches and other related shit (art, dark photography, cool music, cringy poetry, edgy fashion, anime and waifus, film, etc…)

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File: 078f7533ac265a9⋯.jpg (279.18 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, nukesthisgayearth.jpg)



>not nuking yourself to Mars

absolutely plebeian.



She has good style, even though she is like a 5/10. I'd imagine wacky Tesla guy fucks other bitches on the side and just keeps her around for publicity or something.




Where can I find a cute goth gf? preferably with big titties



No way he'd dump that qt u faggot. This is the reason I favor the guy, hes got good taste.



Already made that mistake. Never again.



>Where can I find a cute goth gf?

Every metal concert I've been to had at least one, but it's kinda hard to do anything with them when loudass music is playing unless you have some level of game.

File: 7dc20519aa0fd99⋯.png (667.35 KB, 1225x687, 1225:687, d8525834210742572e95a03ad0….png)

File: 5a45f26a8b55b74⋯.jpg (44.87 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 5a45f26a8b55b7416a9e62ac43….jpg)

File: 5a45f26a8b55b74⋯.jpg (44.87 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 5a45f26a8b55b7416a9e62ac43….jpg)

File: be07ad289cd6d72⋯.jpg (52.97 KB, 566x561, 566:561, ce36dc8c8ab4564441fec97115….jpg)

File: 2d3de5552ae9e52⋯.png (425.51 KB, 587x608, 587:608, 038ac8f5e7534dbaa18d03e53a….png)


I have noticed there is a meme that indicates that there are two large generational and perspectival divides in people, often co-indicated in some combination when assessing the types of persons often encountered in life but especially in a "chan" environment. Yes, it is the Boomer/Zoomer, Doomer/Bloomer matrix. It is a sort of evidence-based and fact-based "net" which "captures a lot of fish", as they say. So it is not without merit even from a scientific point of view, if given the right development and modification. But that is not my purpose here. Indeed, my purpose is not even to go into the question of what is "Doomer" in any way shape or form. I prefer to leave that handle something amorphous, especially since it was not meant to be analytically descriptive in the first place, and also because it is not only a term of classification but of colloquial use which is always diverse in its intents and applications. It would be a hopeless task. And there are more important issues to dissect.

First of all, however, I will "take a stab" at what "Doomer-ism" or "Doomer Phenomena" might be, at least in some respects. It seems that we can go back to the original meaning of the term "Doom", which is in reference to taxes, and the possibility of death which lurked on either side of it back in the days of the Norman Conquest of Britain. Not a bad place or time or event in history to give birth to a term with such a reputation for a sense of bleakness and looming disaster. It was called "Domesday" when the assessors would be sent out to see what everyone had and what they were expected to contribute. So it became an analogy for what it is like when finally the chickens come home to roost, as they say. It is rightly analogous with both the positive and negative implications, and not only gloomy ones, as I've elsewhere indicated in a comment here or there on this board. For one thing, you may have prepared well, faced facts squarely, and gotten into the best shape possible for the "big event" whatever it is, and so for you, it is a day of both victory and glory. For the majority of those whom I will call "victims" rather than "victors", it is a day of paying the price for lack of due diligence. "Doom" means different things, to different people, at different times, and in different ways!

But that is just the opener of myPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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okay, lifecoach-san

I am glad you want to give the rat race a chance.

There is always a supply of wagies needed to fund my neetbucks

I honestly hope you find what you are looking for in this rat race

however I came to conclusion that in this race there is nothing to be won

at least nothing of worth


I understand doomerism as sort of revolutionary nihilism that goes beyond personal despair. There is no return to sanity and wholesomeness, either personal or societal. U-turns are impossible, the only way is through, and what lies ahead is full-blown collapse. Revolutionary nihilism is the only thing that makes sense: hasten that collapse, and let this gay earth burn itself down.

>Winona, occultism, boozing, and other concomitants of doomerism being degenerate

None of this matters. When the world is burning, morality is worse than a spook- it's a fucking cope.

>you'll be waiting until you get raided by hungry niggers

Or you can camp out away from civilization and watch the urbanites being devoured by their pampered pets.




Who says you can't have both, and have it all! Remember, there is always another way. It is a lie to say that one must cuck to the system in order to take meaningful action IN ONE'S OWN LIFE. One can always optimize even in worst possible worlds! There is always the chance for a "dark miracle" in the best of all possible worlds, or evil would not exist. So, why not the reverse! It is not "hope", it is nothing but the purification of the purest sort! Into the darkest pit descends the innocent. Not to descend forever, but to arise a dragon of doom, instilling the TRUE DOOM upon those who thought him lost in the void. What a mistake on their part! But if you would not be such, that is your choice. Not everyone who embraces the hard and evil facts need be nihilstically swamped by them. And this is beyond "cope", this is refusing to cope, this is exactly the opposite. This is the only way "through". This is passing through the Nigrendo of the Will to Power. If you fail, YOU FAIL ALONE.




Literally worse than a boomer


File: 5a4d2658a47f96c⋯.jpg (21.38 KB, 368x447, 368:447, deluxe-saddam-hussein-deat….jpg)

OP is gay as usual.

"MORALFAG", the post.

File: 257c4bf8893f4ae⋯.jpg (23.17 KB, 480x360, 4:3, terry.jpg)


Terry Davis should be canonized the patron saint of Doomers.

* Too woke for own good

* Top tier memes

* Greatest accomplishment was universally mocked

* Night walks

* Died alone

All in favor say aye.

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inaccurate. Mac should be reversed with Windows. Mac users get scared at computer viruses like women do at spiders, that's why they need a safe space OS. Windows users live on the edge. Linux is even edgier.



Heisman's whole thesis was an essay on the "Eternal Anglo" meme, i.e, Anglo-Saxons get conquered and their ressintement against the Normans later evolves into liberal democracy and individualism. Interesting thesis, but there is no way to know if it is true. Also, there is a point to be made to the contrary that a lot of the reforms were due to inter-Norman conflicts, and descendants of Normans are well-represented among the liberal elite (c.f. The Son Also Rises)



>Celtic-Germans are Jews!




this man speaks the truth



That's not what I was saying. I don't think that's what Heisman was saying either, as far as his essay on the Norman Conquest is concerned. In case he made that analogy elsewhere (I don't care enough to read the entirety of his 'suicide note') then I disagree with it.

File: 2f481f034457d85⋯.png (599.22 KB, 750x410, 75:41, 05.png)


does anyone else here hate "meme culture" And anything that is supposed to be humorous. I understand that a meme is nothing more than a transmitted unit of knowledge but i just hate the le ebin stuff like shrek is love shrek is life and how many normalfag spics were into it. half of my school browsed 4chan back then. THey are absolutely everywhere. I Will be called edgy for posting this only more evidence that normalfags are a plague that cannot be contained.

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Cringe is the only emotion I feel anymore. Unless paralyzing suicidal thoughts count as an emotion. Memes are gay, you're right. Just start your own memes I guess. Avoid using and seeing them. Try to switch up your vocab. Or seethe.



A gay bar



you reminded me of asian teen girl i was in love with

i knew her only from internet, did not even get to see her face


I just want pepe and feels guy to die.


File: b2fceb37448d7c6⋯.gif (5.65 MB, 300x411, 100:137, jlaw-whtvr.gif)

File: c6c2a22d0c51581⋯.jpg (11.04 KB, 188x269, 188:269, images.jpg)


Fuck, it isn't even worth it. Drinking alone just for the sake of slow down my rapid moronic sad feelings.


you've reached my stage. congrats.



I just want my head to stop.


atleast music feels more enjoyable when drinking alone


>have two smll liquor stores by my house

>split my purchases between both so they wont think i drink as much as i do

>cashier made a joke about me cleaning them out

am i really this bad?

File: a38758b1958ceca⋯.jpg (1.92 MB, 2320x2824, 290:353, 1542369820752.jpg)


There's a thread for movies, so why not one for books?

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Crisis of the Modern World by Rene Guenon


The Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the Times by René Guénon.


Practically anything by Michel Houellebecq

I double dare any fags here to read "Extension du domaine de la lutte" (aka: "Whatever" because burgers can't into long big words) its the most realistic showcase of a doomer I have ever seen, there's a movie but they toned it down (specially the ending) because normalfags couldn't deal with it.

Here's a link because cripplefag and his buttboy don't let TOR users upload stuff



Everyone here should read Eumeswil and Storm of Steel by Ernst Junger. Among Junger's greatest values is that one can succeed within a society while remaining essentially separate from and independent to it.




so? doomers have mostly all fucked and some still do ocasionally.

File: df255e64d413aff⋯.jpg (76.93 KB, 480x669, 160:223, IMG_20180225_163343_284.jpg)


How would you describe your ideal girl /doomer/?

217 posts and 79 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.





File: 4e80cc4038aa12a⋯.jpg (58.32 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Dj65yH_UwAI6Dev.jpg large.jpg)

A gfd one probably


File: 0e49ca2de3e0a3b⋯.jpg (309.7 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, niawfwoifn.jpg)



Goth, big titties.


File: 4fff6f2e8c03192⋯.png (603.82 KB, 1342x1940, 671:970, christ978090-0.png)


There is no "beyond". Their is no uebermensch. These are just pretentious, thought-terminating devices to avoid any admission of brain-in-a-vat sociopathy; an amoral, solipsistic super-predator motivated by lust and endlessly rational greed. A man who sees no good and no evil, but worships only power and its' pure expression, imagining he can regurgitate the fruit of knowledge and still be as gods.

File: 16a6779916ccd1a⋯.png (300.64 KB, 640x498, 320:249, 12324322.png)


What is your choice of political ideology, /doomer/?

163 posts and 57 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


ideology is for LARPing faggots - we are not the generation that will establish any proper government post-collapse/revolution, we may never even witness any true collapse in our lifetimes, in which case our only job is to accelerate it.

plus there's only so many *actually* 'woke/pilled' people in the world, so dividing and weakening ourselves along ultimately arbitrary lines is pointless, especially when we all have a common enemy in the current neolib/necon ruling class.


File: 897a76ac057fbd4⋯.png (627.07 KB, 587x500, 587:500, Shootgang.png)

the only true political position is the Just Shoot Everyone I Don't Like party

the manifesto is if you are someone I like you get a gun to shoot people I don't like with



I mostly agree with this sentiment, but third position seems to be the most promising in the face of the worlds most frequent problems. The part I agree with is the zealous of both sides must cooperate to oust the globalist oligarchs at all costs. They are the greatest existential threat to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness this world has ever seen.



That is every political revolution in a nutshell.



>By that logic your ego is a spook because it is the ultimate justification for everything you do

Justification is a spook because you hold yourself to the external standard that you need a standard before you can justify your actions, you don't. If you want to do something you can just do it. You don't need to justify yourself.

>Union of egoists is literally the model for political organization you absolute mongrel

Not in this society, what are you smoking?

>You absolutely one hundred percent need a hierarchy to get anything done. There is no organization without atleast a semblance of hierarchy

Maybe in your limited mind but no, you can get things done without hierarchy. If you're talking about collective action that can be progressed another way, such as direct democracy, but it doesn't require a hierarchy.

>The whole universe is hierarchical

Holy shit spooked

>to make you misinterpret beautiful Stirner like that

Oh christ its another /pol/tard misinterprets Stirner episode. Read this: https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/stirner-the-wise-guy


insurrection > revolution

File: d6ff4f7a1b5bbfb⋯.png (53.39 KB, 165x261, 55:87, bloomerdoomer.png)


Anyone else here a former bloomer? Trying to figure out what made me lose all hope and stop trying..

104 posts and 33 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Its even worse here in Argentina, I always think we're like a future USA because we began importing shit people rather than quality immigration much before you guys did, also drinking the lefty kool aid and passing stricter gun control. Results?………isnt it obvious? economy gone to shit, violence at an all time high because you can't defend yourself (and even if you do criminals have more rights than you and free leftard lawyers from ngos) and cops are either fucking retarded, corrupt, both or just can't deal with all the shit going on.



>argentina gone to shit

because you are populated by Italians, Spaniards and Portuguese

those are the same countries in the EU that are on the brink of bankruptcy.

you cannot get your country straight even on the motherland, let alone on a colonised continend full of indios and slave descendants



>see pic

>had that keyboard when I was 10

>been using that type since then

>still got massive carpal tunnel syndrome

Fucking bill gates owes me some reparashuns

BTW is there a story behind that pic? that setup looks comfy as fuck, what kind of chair is that?


Havent seen really cute ones but for some reason they all have big tits, some insane tits even if they are thin like a rail. Must be because they are so inbreed that all the females share the same big titty genes



>"Gnostic Witch" here

Whats that? serious question



>going through a population-wide identity crisis and its the most retarded, childish thing that civilization has ever done

it's the same thing people have done forever, and we had some pretty good systems going to coping, but we decided to say fuck it to all that, and now we have people like you and me instead

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