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game devving

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


we have one for books and movies

I'll start. can't get anymore bleak than this:

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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

File: 4f6b2341ad91773⋯.jpg (41.77 KB, 720x886, 360:443, large (1).jpg)


this board will remain like a true doomer - dead and empty inside

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good knight /doomer/s

my eyes are falling out

File: 235c3ccc9f24069⋯.jpg (21.41 KB, 220x334, 110:167, August.jpg)


<wake up in sweat because of extraorinary heat all year long

<place is infested with cockroaches (see at least 6 a night on the streets on a 3 mile walk)

<basic items are twice as expensive than normal us prices (milk is $10)

<rude disgusting natives who hate white people are the majority

<things are ran like a second world country and do not get done

<no culture or any form of intellectual center

Part of the reason of why I am a doomer is because of where I live, what about you guys? whats your /shithole/ like?

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are you student or what is your business there?

very interesting to see first hand info about that country.


File: af608e9bce5c77a⋯.jpg (122.08 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 1560010932105.jpg)


Bud I sympathize with shittyness of your life. But if you're talking about Hawaii the natives only make up about 10% of the population.


If you're talking about Puerto Rico or some other tropical U.S possession that does have a native majority it's important to remember that we did actually colonize them and you'd hate us too. It's not the same as a place like Vermont that has had white families for upwards of 7 generations. It's wrong to colonize other people's land and if people invaded my community I'd rightfully be pissed. Remember, it's generally not the people on the ground you should be angry at, we've all been exploited and manipulated by our rulers to be pitted against one another.


File: c88a6e7f76e5a5c⋯.jpg (131.23 KB, 1032x919, 1032:919, 1558943254410.jpg)



Seconded, tell us more



You are correct, most of the natives are mixed race, (actual pure blood natives are only 2% in number I think. I don't know the demographics for the entire state, but the island I live on, (won't say for privacy reasons) Polynesians who have immigrated here themselves (and who I mistakenly labeled as natives, when I meant native to the general area) are the majority by a substantial factor. These people are generally unintelligent, rude, racist, and slobbish. While some of them are pretty decent people, this is the majority of them and it sucks.


File: ec6224d87235384⋯.jpg (64.16 KB, 640x644, 160:161, ec6224d87235384c574c05b4ac….jpg)



Part 3 it is.

The reason for my peculiar predicament is that I'm not actually from here. I'm originally from the US. My parents and older sister moved there back in the late 90s. They were very well off financially, but my dad didn't like his family nor the the family business he was apart of, and thought he'd be better off and make a lot more money by moving to the US and getting his master's degree in marketing. My mom had me at his university's hospital and two years later had my little sister, which was unplanned. Unbeknownst to my mom, my dad had a severe concussion when he was 13, which made him prone to outbursts whenever he was off his medication. Since he didn't have a lot of disposable income after moving, there were times when he couldn't afford the medication he needed. And as the only son, I was singled out and was on the receiving end far more than my sisters, which made me unable to make friends or talk to anyone most of the time. My parents thought I was an aspie, but that's just the result of being raised in an environment where anything you say or do will result in you being fucked. They put me on medication, which worked for a while, but made me feel horrible when I felt withdrawal.

Eventually, the Great Recession happened, and my dad lost his job. My parents decided to move us back to their home country. I was in my preteens back then and no one had explained why we were moving. After we moved to Indonesia, I went to several schools, international and private, and at every of one of them, I was bullied for being the weird kid who kept to himself. The teachers never lent a hand, instead, they called my parents every time they thought I had an incident, and would often take the bullies' side. I never spent more than two grades in each school, as my grades would gradually decline. The abuse from my family didn't stop either, as they felt that they had an image to maintain to their equally wealthy family and friends. They saw me as the black sheep and would downplay my habits. Since I barely talked to anyone, and there weren't that many people who spoke English, my English sPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: ec081b7588a64db⋯.jpg (91.06 KB, 768x480, 8:5, Capa-2-768x480.jpg)

File: 137d1acc6be50b8⋯.pdf (386.08 KB, bayaq-1.pdf)

File: de9518c1648e14c⋯.pdf (725.03 KB, bayaq-2.pdf)

File: 616a2bfeef8c5ed⋯.jpg (54.31 KB, 500x500, 1:1, artworks-000335187261-rrng….jpg)

File: 77d619c977507ff⋯.png (121.47 KB, 320x429, 320:429, ximo-320x429.png)


Can i get an indiscriminate ant-civilization terrorist appreciation thread, anons?

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Great to hear this, welcome back.



On May 23, elements of the Mexican Army removed an explosive device detected in the Acámbaro bus station in the south of the state of Guanajuato.

An anonymous call alerted Acámbaro's public security personnel of an alleged explosive in the parcel area.

As a precautionary measure, about 300 people were evacuated in a kilometer and a half area around the building.

The Municipal Coordination of Civil Protection reported that the explosive was removed in a pot, by elements of the anti-explosive body of the VXI Military Zone based in Sarabia, Guanajuato.

The artifact was taken to the military zone.

On June 6, the director of Colegio de Bachilleres in Chetumal, in the southern state of Quintana Roo, William Briceño Guzmán, was injured after receiving a package containing a homemade explosive device.

In a statement, the State Attorney General's Office (FGE) of Quintana Roo, announced that it initiated an investigation into the abrasions on the face suffered by the educational director.

Briceño Guzmán was taken to a hospital for a review and a medical report will be given in the next few hours.

Just on June 10, a bomb threat forced the eviction of facilities of the Iztapalapa city hall, in Mexico City, where several people presented nervous breakdowns. On the 13th, there was another bomb threat in the Superior Court of Justice of Tlalnepantla in the State of Mexico, for which 400 people were evicted.

These events happen after similar cases occurred in the State of Mexico and Mexico City during this year, some attributed to the terrorist group ITS and others more to different anonymous groups that self-proclaim as misanthropes.



Oh ok. They have the same initials as the FAI from the Spanish Civil War that's why I was confused.



>ITS is not defined ideologically, we represent a trend called eco-extremism, this is anti-political, amoral, suicidal, indiscriminate and selectively terrorist, pessimistic, "anti-revolutionary", enhances the ancestral anti-Christian pagan beliefs, raises the name of Wild Nature, mocks the human senselessness, can not accept human progress, and has no problems falling into supposed "contradictions" in the discourse, for example in the use of the Internet to carry out propaganda, everything is justified, in this war everything is worth it.

This paragraph is beautiful.


File: f001ee290030443⋯.jpg (35.06 KB, 768x479, 768:479, oi7.jpg)


These groups stuff are generally filled with this kind of thing. The amazing rhetoric is partly why i love them. along with the unapologetic anti-human stance and will to actually take action according to there beliefs and desires.

File: 079c8f873367bf1⋯.jpg (236.41 KB, 990x1404, 55:78, winona rfioufbhf.jpg)


greentext a typical day in the life. i'll do yesterday

>up at 430am

>cold outside, warm up van, scrape ice off windshield

>go to gym, full body weight session, alone, /comfy/ thank God no spics or niggers

>tired when i get home

>skip shower and watch tv on couch. show about police chases

>make mac&cheese broccoli and ground turkey


>go on computer till 730pm, same cycle of websites over and over

>avoid reading, writing or anything meaningful

>neighbor moving out, please God dont let spics or niggers move in next door

>try to start call with group of friends, no one answers

>finally get 1 person on the line

>good because i really didnt want to drink tonight

>get tired

>watch the same old movie to go to sleep

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>Wake up, usually about 6am

>Roll over and go back to sleep

>Get up any time between 12pm and 5pm

>Take a shit

>Sometimes make myself a coffee or breakfast

>Go on computer, play vidya

>Get bored after a few hours

>Sleep again or phoneposting in bed

>If money then fast food delivery and alcohol

>If no money then stay in bed

>Play phone vidya until battery dies

>Play PC vidya while phone charges

>Watch some Twitch streamers

>Go back to sleep


Welcome to my life.


File: c592eb76fa4618b⋯.jpeg (7.47 KB, 304x166, 152:83, nightbois.jpeg)

>wake up at midday due to heat

>take a shower

>browse 8chan or watch youtube and eat for hours

>take the bus to work about forty minutes before my shift

>arrive about 10 minutes early and drink my energy drink in the break room

>work for about 7 hours

>/nightwalk/ the distace home

>get home at around 1 or 2

>browse 8chan and watch youtube until i pass out asleep



shit, how long is the walk?



only a little over three miles, it can be nice, but doing it every night is somewhat tiring



Thought about getting a bicycle? You'd save the money for the bus too, so it pays for itself

File: 3df6e30fe527cda⋯.jpg (219.67 KB, 1200x1800, 2:3, 1200px-Psilocybe.semilance….jpg)


Yall should do some fucking psychedelics. Lots of people have the mistaken impression that they make you happy, or they feel good or they tell you sweet lies or some shit. Wrong. As a doomer you're basically half there already. You see the nihilism but can't let go of it. Psychs actually take you deeper into the darkness. So deep, so far, that you punch through it to the other side and make peace with it so that the nihilistic aspects of life are celebrated and you can start living your life again, and can find meaning despite knowing that there ultimately isn't any. Life becomes an infinite booklet of blank checks that only runs out when you die. And even then things will be fine, because nothing mattered in the first place anyway.

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File: b6e4c33596f84f0⋯.png (205.91 KB, 934x783, 934:783, RCscheme.png)


4-HO-MiPT and 4-HO-MET > psilocin


File: 91f111f03804c5c⋯.png (31.66 KB, 722x420, 361:210, Drug_danger_and_dependence.png)


>unironically believing this propaganda


File: 5f299c641ea62b3⋯.gif (167.54 KB, 458x569, 458:569, 1533779674292.gif)


If humans were truly nihilistic creatures we wouldn't be so concerned with meaning to begin with. This culture is only an extension of the last, and both were (are) slave cultures. God was the divine, now the divine is money, where submission to the almighty has been replaced with submission to the commodity form. From the perspective of a slave culture it's easy to see how one could think life is meaningless, but it's truly not. We are creation itself, and our providence is the iterative creative process of which we are part. Art, love, procreation, science and spirituality are all inherently meaningful despite the complete disregard this culture has for them. We simultaneously place too much cosmic importance on ourselves with our anthropocentric thought while also putting ourselves down far too much with nihilistic and or postmodern tendencies.


File: ae6d89241bc53e5⋯.png (299.54 KB, 610x343, 610:343, broscientist alert broscie….png)


I would love to but I don't know where to get any drugs from in my area and I dont go outside to meet people.

File: 167769c9ee0b1a6⋯.jpg (28.87 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 56910288_2263906140595113_….jpg)


I never tried making a post here before;

But allow me to explain: I have been suffering with suicidal thoughts for several days now

2 weeks tops, and I am about to fucking go through with it but before I do is there anyway

to block those thoughts out or at least ease the pain?

35 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


keep thinking of suicide but the feeling goes away quickly. right now i don't feel like it at all. does anyone have a way to keep the bad thoughts out?



So I searched for the gateway stuff, and listened to the first and second tape. They actually worked. Read the Kybalion after that, and I can't say that I disagree, up to a certain point you could sum up lots of STEM stuff for example in some of the hermetic principles/axioms.

I'm going to start meditating. Do you have any recommendation for using these things to help with health issues? I have a chronic health problem that while it isn't life threatening is very annoying, pills did nothing to it.


File: 406882e3a332895⋯.jpg (145.78 KB, 715x904, 715:904, 1542853137502.jpg)

File: 81a87d849b81c94⋯.jpg (107.09 KB, 1138x800, 569:400, 1542853046357.jpg)

File: 8bb803a15190468⋯.png (631.48 KB, 958x1042, 479:521, 8bb803a15190468b6daa92c2c0….png)


Look into panentheism/cosmotheism. It's really what my entire worldview is centered around. I will try to give you my interpretation here in a greentext.

>everything all together as one all encompassing whole (including all possible universes etc.) is God

>God is a "gestalt" (a whole which is more than just the sum of its parts)

>God may or may not be conscious, basically there is no way for us to possibly comprehend whatever this unified one (or monad) really is or the nature of it and how it experiences itself

>you and everything around you are therefore part of this monad/God

>people/animals (rational actors basically, things that can make choices and interact with their environment) are also part of God and I think of them like cells in your body

>some cells are good and help the body function (like liver cells)

>some cells are cancerous and even though they are part of the body, do great damage to the body as a whole

>meaning of life is pretty simple, you are born, you build yourself, you put something into the world (work/family/whatever), you share your knowledge with those younger than you, then you die to make room for more people, it really is that simple

>good people also sometimes must fight the cancer killing the world, which is almost always other people

>who is good and who is bad is up to you, that is part of the "building yourself" component of the meaning of life

>suicide is only justified if you are rationally aware you are doing harm to the world around you

There's more to it, but that is the basic idea. Evolution and genetics play a huge role in it for me, but it makes the most sense IMO. I still want to kill myself, but I know it isn't justifiable and would only hurt the people who do care about me. It would make me more cancerous and therefore is unaccepPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



that doesn't sound healthy. that's just being reckless.



quantum touch 2.0. seems a bit scammy but some of it works.

File: a6a4b4a1a723cf2⋯.jpg (47.34 KB, 720x540, 4:3, napalm.jpg)


what do you guys do daily? do you have any routines?

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already a thread on this nigger


File: 69bb41831a018b8⋯.jpg (98.04 KB, 809x705, 809:705, 39.jpg)


File: 7c2d768d5489b3e⋯.jpg (745.92 KB, 2160x3210, 72:107, MV5BMGU2NzRmZjUtOGUxYS00Zj….jpg)


>take a piece of paper towel

>rip into two

>fold and place into my ears

>put on my ear muffs

>I look like a retard, probably am

>grab black shirt

>go into back yard

>sit down and apply my blind fold

>then I think for about an hour in silence

>extreme focus, problems shrink in size



Isn't it beyond bumplimit though?



No. >>290#bottom

File: 2adf9f96cff8176⋯.jpg (77.21 KB, 640x360, 16:9, doomerjack.jpg)


Post stories of your misery or just gripe about the horror of your existence.

Ill start. here i am up past midnight before i get up at 7 tomorrow and then go straight to class then from there to work. FInish at 1 and then take the hour long walk home on the streets filled with the dysgenic homeless and drunks. It is like my life is on hold for those stupid shifts i spend 30 hours a week attending to.

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File: 27f1eb326500574⋯.png (121.12 KB, 498x594, 83:99, the doomer.png)


<need to think clearly to plan out life properly

<need sleep and time to be able to think clearly\

<need to quit job in order to get home at a reasonable time or have more than a day off

<need money


>worked at a shit computer store

>retarded boomer boss

>payed like shit

>boss is an arrogant retard that thinks he knows shit

>installed 32 bit windows on a 1 year old laptop and couldn't figure out why the wifi wouldn't work

>only other guy in the store is this guy, let's call him kevin or some shit

>kevin is like 57 but he watches jojo and shit

>coolest motherfucker around

>talk to him about shit when I'm not working

>the only good part of that job

>end up getting fired because my boss was running the place into the ground

>now I'm back to being broke


File: e801d0893796647⋯.gif (925.58 KB, 480x270, 16:9, kebab removes itself from ….gif)

Unemployment office wants me put in another company as sandraynigger


File: a3fec9ac207286c⋯.mp4 (4.54 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Explosion.mp4)


>Unemployment office wants me put in another company as sandraynigger


File: 61b4092eab8e3c7⋯.gif (1.96 MB, 400x225, 16:9, laughing goose.gif)


Luckily I don't have a car and can't reach the company

File: 46418149e9773a4⋯.png (517.71 KB, 600x621, 200:207, life is a beautiful flower.png)


i dont think im going to make it

>get new job

>things go really well

>become student body president, lead school forum, grades improve drastically, literally euphoric hald the time

<job fucks me with new schedule that fucks me with 4 hours of sleep a night and essentially a full time job with school

<cling to it

<months drag on and every

<grades plummet

<lose presidency

<fail two classes

<barely any money because classes ate them all up

>about to kill myself

>see way out and begin plotting bloomer path to get me to a spot

>summer begins

<job exhausts the fuck out of me and i have no motivation

i only have hope and thats all i think now is the time to end it…

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Is it that much different here? I mean the usefulness. A lot of people believe schools are the only source of information or they genuinely just want the title and get the hell out of there. A lot of them take it even as a way to just make youth a bit longer (which is the case less and less because neetdom is possible). Universities are overrated, however justified imo in cases when it's better you have them - science or simply if you want to spend years there because you really like what you are studying. Other than that? If you don't go to debt financially, you are going to debt by wasting your last years of youth.



I get to play video games and surf the internet for free, you work every day for the opportunity, and went into tens of thousands of dollars of debt for the chance to do so.

Smh wagecucks will never learn


File: 708a66eae0dc06f⋯.png (207.48 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, doomer.png)


File: 75340c03babb63b⋯.jpg (70.9 KB, 689x706, 689:706, BIBBUt6.jpg)


By being a NEET leech living off Good Boy Points to earn mommy's tendies.


File: fda905dc073b125⋯.jpg (173.41 KB, 471x622, 471:622, FBI OPEN UP.jpg)


>isn't university pretty much just a debt trap over there?

If you don't know what you're doing, yes. Most burgerstanis don't know what we're doing.

File: e3a977774f14b4b⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1136x3256, 142:407, bz-5d02cb0a3ca78.png)


Stop taking (((urinalists))) seriously.

13 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 628adee6b85538f⋯.png (220.36 KB, 1263x545, 1263:545, 628adee6b85538f71e34efc2e8….png)


>caring about esjaydoubleuus

>caring about natzhees

Is this fucking 2016 again?



No matter the year, the idpol olympic games have become the norm of political discussion on the internet.



>Polyamory is the ultimate incel troll

fapping with both hands does not count as polyamory




nice one jean-pierre


File: da85349ab08ce78⋯.jpg (13.66 KB, 278x300, 139:150, foucault1.jpg)


You're being dishonest as fuck, yank. It's not like the right don't also get arrested with startling regularity as paedophiles, too. I see this shit more with the right than the left, why try to make it political? is this propaganda or is your mind so addled by retard american news-media that you believe this? Not that i support either side in your utterly moronic 'culture war'

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


How did we get from smashing rocks together to fucking a whole planet in the ass?

12 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


>why everything will collapse

let me explain why

>humans are cave animals

>live not paycheck to paycheck like today, they live day to day

>one day, humans invent technology, agriculture, science

>where there was no food beforehand without roaming animals, suddenly there are patato fields and wheat plantations

>population explodes because why not, food is abundant lol

>humans can afford more children

>breed like rabbits or like a virus

>a few years later, humans take it to the next step

>now machines do the labour that formerly did 100 people

>and they do it in a quarter of the time with 100% accuracy and no errors

>production of everything goes up

>price of things that machines shit out goes down

>but now humans not only want food, they all want the latest smartphone every year

>and a plasma tv, game console and home cinema

>and they want to eat meat every day

>population now reaching 8 billion and only going up

>eventually, after years of overusing fertillizer, soil will be void of any minerals for plants

>ressources in metal mines will be exhausted

>fossil fuel will be burnt up

>humans keep inventing technology to put them like a band aid on deep wounds they create to the planet

The only thing that could save the planet is unironically the mass genocide of 7.5billion humans and the forced sterilization of another 300 million (slave class). Science and technology is nice and dandy but you cannot abuse it like we do. We are creating problems that we invend new technology to solve. But without us, the problem would noPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



Duder, I am glad you feel better now.

Interestingly, after I came back from Düsseldorf, my doom and gloom changed.

Instead of the usual desire to be dead or never born now I kind of just don't give a fuck anymore. I just try to enjoy the shitshow every day like it was some entertainment show on television.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Instead of the usual desire to be dead or never born now I kind of just don't give a fuck anymore.

Yes, I think that's part of what I feel right now but not the key one. I think the feeling of freedom sort of describes it better. It's nice to hear that trip sort of helped you a bit as well. I'm not worried about bloom crap, that's not going to happen, we are too far beyond line. Stand up, dance and sing with me AND THE HEAT GOES ON AND THE HEAT GOES ONE AND THE HEAT GOES ONE AND THE HEAT GOES ONE WHERE THE HAND HAS BEEN


File: a687813ebc30d7e⋯.png (731.37 KB, 615x958, 615:958, cs1.png)


>Instead of the usual desire to be dead or never born now I kind of just don't give a fuck anymore.

Yeah, I was just about to create an anti-natalism thread, but decided to say 'fuck it ' to it all. That was when the Sisyphus inside of me learnt how to smile.




Agreed. An ecological disaster and collapse would be salvation at this point.

File: 42ca4e423281d42⋯.jpg (137.31 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, doomers.jpg)



HOTLINE!!!!! pro tip retards

hotlines are fucking anonymous

i called the national suicide prevention hotline to try it out and the first thing they do is ask for my fucking location. what the fuck is this shit? i thought i just could talk to another person who can provide me with a reason to not kill myself and is trained and shit or something and they ask for my fucking location and say its mandatory. fuck normalniggers and their shit like this fuck.

14 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>my mom's cuntard

What a hell of an word filter is this? LMAO



I wonder what the suicide rates for the people taking the calls for the suicide hotline are?

Also, I've always been an advocate of the right to suicide. I believe that everyone has a right to a painless and worry-free suicide. In the medical community, there are near-painless methods of suicide involving a cocktail of cheap and high quality drugs. Of course the State keeps the practice illegal for nearly everyone that isn't suffering from a terminal illness. My goals is for anyone that suffers to have the right, if they so choose. Are you an incel who was born too ugly for most girls that wants to end their suffering? Right this way friend. Are you a college kid who just failed his examinations and has found that he has no real reason to live? Come on down. Are you a normie that is sad that s/he doesn't have as many 'likes' as everyone else? Here's a cure for that (suicide). I think the civil effects would be positive because as more and more people realized just how suicidal our society's become (because more people would know suicide 'victims' as a consequence of suicide being more accessible and pain-free) people would be more willing to do things to society that they wouldn't regularly be willing to do (such as killing the bourgeois, etc.). Ultimately, I want people to realize that life's not a big deal and to take it easy. God only knows what eternity contains. And that (eternity) comes after.


File: 8617c6dc719a568⋯.jpg (113.86 KB, 900x900, 1:1, happy.jpg)



I see I am in good company. Much love, frens. I've been chillin' at the best /b/ the past couple of weeks (/b2/ to be exact). It's good to see everyone.


File: 34586c0efb6958d⋯.jpg (87.08 KB, 600x750, 4:5, True_16fae5_1616152.jpg)


My hopes are in /anti/, or in any board which will feed my true neutral tendencies.


Suicide hotline workers are fucking normalnigger daywalking scum.

File: a38758b1958ceca⋯.jpg (1.92 MB, 2320x2824, 290:353, 1542369820752.jpg)


There's a thread for movies, so why not one for books?

267 posts and 107 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>Lemme youre a Star Cucks fan?

What makes you think that? The out of nowhere reference just sounded autistic, that's why I poked fun at it.


I see. You're not really saying anything interesting or new, but at least you're writing something. Good on you.



What's wrong with being autistic you bigoted faggot


On social media

iDisorder by Larry Rosen

Wanted to recommend more, but none are available in english


File: 740f6a8cbf7d51e⋯.pdf (159.03 KB, collected essays (short es….pdf)

New pdf



Are you going to say anything in any of these texts that isn't painfully obvious to anyone that isn't a burger that doesn't read?

File: 5af1d8d018166ed⋯.jpg (11.38 KB, 279x181, 279:181, nedlasting.jpg)



Let's make a thread about video games with /doomer/ themes for example:






-Mental illness

-Drug use


-Fucked up kinks

-Inner conflicts

I'll start off with Drakengard Part Un:

>MC is a psychopath, devoid of any feelings except for anger and bloodlust

>Goddess is being hunted down by greedy humans

>Party member has his entire village destroyed and family murdered, just to be mocked by local fairies

>Goddess' childhood friend is deeply obsessed with her but completely ashamed to accept it, gets psychologically tortured by his inner self

>Federation's religious leader is a closeted pedophile

>Every warrior has to sacrifice something to astral demons in order to keep fighting for what they believe in (Be it your vision or ability to speak)

>Dragon wifey deeply hates humans and is forced to go along with MC's psycho party

>MC does not really care about his sister despite he desperately tries to convince himself that he does, he just sees her survival as a justification for his murderous fetishism

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theres 2 different timelines. one where jacket kills biker and one where biker kills jacket. if jacket kills the biker then hm2 happens and if he doesn't then the biker part after hm1 happens.



the soul blazer trilogy on the SNES (especially terranigma) might be your cup of tea.

Chakan for the genesis might be worth checking out too




this game

I wanted to play it since I first saw it in my towns commercial store in year 2007.

The cover just looked so mysterious to me but I never bought it.

A few years later I remember and pirate it from intrawebs.

I started playing it but the physics felt shitty and I quit slowly after wards.

Seriously, compared to source engine this is crap. The enemies take way too many hits until they fall and I take either no damage when in body armor or I instantly die without armor.

And the controls feel slow. Until you change weapons half an eternity passes.

Now after coming from Düsseldorf full of energy, I finally found motivation to try it again.

And the game is fucking awesome when you look past the technical weaknesses.

>dat apocalyptic atmosphere, there is nothing and nobody for miles

>the weather is always ugly, even when it is sunny, it looks weird

>buildings are rotten ruins

>roads are dirt paths

>hustle every day to find supplies

>everyone wants to kill you

>do I engage in a shootout or just sneak past them to avoid losing supplies?

>do I knife an enemy to save ammo?

>the traders all rip you off

>animals want you to be their lunch

>ghosts and zombies every few miles

>weapons can be customized

but what really gets me mad is that there is no fast travel or deposit system for your items

the game just feels like one giantic desert of nothingness. And every now and then there is some base to raid for supplies and food

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File: a691979bf7f0d93⋯.jpg (87.18 KB, 900x675, 4:3, ed9e74e60fbbfb5549b14f840d….jpg)

forgot pic

Honestly, I think I like the game for the ressource management elements.

I also liked the Resident Evil games (the old ones) mostly because of the Scavenging and collecting of supplies and arms. Then for the Final boss you take your best guns and just go full jihad on him



It's a great game innit?

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