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e6c617 No.125[Reply]

Welcome to /cow/! This board concerns lolcows, or fools who are unwittingly funny or can be goaded into being funny. We document, archive and laugh at the weirdness of the internet.

/cow/ has its own purpose and ethos independent of the rest of 8chan. If you're coming from /baphomet/, note that /cow/ isn't a random board, so new threads must be about lolcows. If you're coming from /pol/, note that /cow/ isn't /pol/; zero-potential threads for the subjects of news stories or viral videos and off-topic political discussion are both unwelcome. If you're coming from /sp/, /int/, or /icup/, please keep cross-board shenanigans in this thread. If you're coming from the Kiwi Farms, please read the current Kiwi or Null General first. If you're coming from ED, enjoy your stay. If you have any suggestions, banners, CSS, or board assets to share, please post them here.

Board Rules

1. New threads must have a subject and pertain to established or potential lolcows. Off-topic discussion is permitted on Fridays in >>2.

Board News

‣ The board is was being heavily wordfiltered in honor of Nate Spergwood. I apologize for the inconvenience this causes for discussing other lolcows. All board settings, including current filters, can be found here: https://8ch.net/settings.php?board=cow

‣ 8chan is fixed. See >>197723.

‣ 8archive is NOT being fixed. You can test it at https://beta.8archive.moe. I consider it our most important asset, so I'll continue to badger its handlers.

‣ VanKrause, founder of the original /cwc/, answered questions about the history of /cow/ at >>>/newspaper/365.

Board Information for Oldfags

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14ef5f No.379579


My personal disinterest in four-hour videos of autistic people yelling at each other does not mean that the threads aren't welcome on the board. Also, your board-nuking plan seems absurd.


I doubt that MRAs and MGTOWs can be julayed as easily as Wizardchan can, and I'm not going to pay for the chance to troll a honey badger. Throwing them all into a "Sexual Justice Warriors thread" (or whatever you want to collectively call wizards, involuntary celibates, robots, and school shooters) ought to piss all of them off if they visit the board, though.

File: dbbfd8e258f4232⋯.gif (780.72 KB, 461x271, 461:271, MAXIMUM EDGE.gif)

26f16a No.251757[Reply]


Another new year and internet autism is as strong and growing as ever. Post suggestions for who's going to die this year and they'll get added to a strawpoll on Friday.



Kadee Konstantino

Randy Stair

William Atchison


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eb971a No.347386


File: 1410496862827.jpg (38.34 KB, 300x225, 4:3, 300px-0782-CWCSpread.JPG)

7f7d55 No.6[Reply]

Welcome new users, I thought it might be a good idea to make a general thread advertising the various lolcows and current status:

- Christian Weston Chandler:
You've all probably heard about it at some point in time. He's an unemployee "high functioning" autistic who has recently become a tomgirl (a tranny without the homosexual tendencies apparently). He's become well known on the internet for numerous attempts to get a "sweetheart" (girlfriend) via methods such as making signs advertising himself in malls and for continuing to shill his Sonic OC known as Sonichu. Chris was a very crazy individual and a lot of what we know about him came from groups of trolls either pretending to be his girlfriend or pretending to be real life villains out to ruin Chris's life. He lives with his oldass overbearing and possibly incestous mother. Recently, Chris has a become depressing due to the bleak reality of his future with little education, no job, and no real social skills. Not to mention he has lost his father relatively recently. Its important to remember that as funny and crazy as Chris is, he is still a human being. Said human being has suddenly taken an interest in social justice (shitty activism for teenagers) and advocates for lesbian rights or some shit. Read more about him here:


At this point, Chris just isn't really funny to troll anymore and only the most diehard (or possibly autistic) of trolls are trying to milk cocks out of him now. His story has become bleak and depressing rather than clownish and surreal as it used to be.
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3d2945 No.311292

File: b5d2550282ab977⋯.png (116.66 KB, 260x273, 20:21, autism face.PNG)



File: 4d81d2e1a28eb71⋯.png (459.14 KB, 846x848, 423:424, Ugly.png)

File: 47dc64be3406dbd⋯.png (1.51 MB, 2088x928, 9:4, 5795c56798b61dd7e4eba1d964….png)

File: 47dc64be3406dbd⋯.png (1.51 MB, 2088x928, 9:4, 5795c56798b61dd7e4eba1d964….png)

acb94d No.379152[Reply]

A female MRA that is involved with the Honey Badgers and sperged out at /jim/ for talking to Dean Esmay (a lolcow that can be found here >>316518 ) for what we can only assume is the Honey Badgers misusing funds from their several dozen successful crowd funding attempt.

What I've seen so far:

- Karen is upset at IBS that Alison admitted she was a shill when defending Randomercam (autistic puppet man who got triggered at Jim for calling Ross the autistic pedo, autistic)

- Karen @girlwriteswhat drunkenly sperged out at Jim @WeWuzMetokur asking for him to show his face and calling him a cowards despite her being an old GamerGater

– She is a hardcore alcoholic and it shows

- Karen made a video about IBS and Jim where she looks like a crazy old cat lady who wants to seem cool, but its too assblasted to fool anyone

- She does a stream with Vee where she doubles down hard, says IBS made people want to kill themselves, talks more about how Jim is a coward for being anonymous and how she –doesn't– want to sue him, and shit talks JFG hard about the court case documents that were written by/for a prosecuting lawyer that literally slander JF despite her being an MRA (who constantly talk about corrupt family court ruining men's life through slander and feminist bias)

- Jim makes a video showing all the crazy shit she said

- One of the hosts on the Kumite (I think Tonka) talks about all of this crazy shit she and the Badgers have done including being naked at parties, getting a facial from someone's friend while they're in the other room (or something similar,) and all sorts of sexual debauchery.

- Trandy Warski has a stream where they talk about the Honey Badgers, JF compliments Karen until he's told what she said, Jim runs into Dean but no blood is spilt because the Honey Badgers are more interesting than making Dean cry again (arguably.) Andy Warski now leader of Liberalists and the confirmed best/official MRA youtuber.

Money Badgers Exposed = Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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41627d No.379833


Fuck, I remember some dude tried to sell me this shit at a comic con.

34010c No.379836

File: a4ace3ea0859ee5⋯.png (743.71 KB, 1188x453, 396:151, jonathan2.png)


Wait was it in Saskatoon? Cause they were there selling also at Calgary.

41627d No.379838



d4fe6f No.379839


trapnostate meetup

The transklingon looks like fun

9d4415 No.379840

File: ab254b8d328606a⋯.gif (7.05 MB, 368x208, 23:13, ab254b8d328606a3dab7a8f4fc….gif)

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

cb102c No.378739[Reply]

Raging Golden Eagle

>Proud sexual deviant weeb Who reviewed a sex doll on YouTube

>A MGTOW activists who campaign for men to fuck dolls

>Admits to flooding random boards with MGTOW shills that decry anti-MGTOW persecution

>not only Name dropping 8chan on his videos

>He demands 8chan implement down voting system for shadowbanning

>Might’ve moved to third world nations for underage prostitutes

Look at the comments on his sexdoll review video. It’s a goldmine for cringe and possible future lulzcows.

23 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

77d687 No.379072

File: 047d80092cdb5b5⋯.jpeg (29.79 KB, 600x909, 200:303, doubt.jpeg)


>He demands 8chan implement down voting system for shadowbanning

That`s a tad too much for me to believe, please post the video where he says that

530275 No.379107


>Sarah Jessica Parker sex dolls

Fucking why?

117159 No.379134


Probably want to say "Why the long face?" before they fuck their horse-faced waifu.

cb102c No.379406



Is it wrong That I want to see what a Sarah Jessica Parker blow up doll looks like?

1b69f0 No.379831

I actually remembered hearing about this guy specifically for his videos about the Funimation dub of Prison School.

Dear God, did he ever sound like an internet tough guy and a butthurt faggot at the same time in all three of them.

File: 3359b2a4cbcc0d4⋯.jpg (45.41 KB, 512x512, 1:1, I'm just here for the shit….jpg)

fdee24 No.361275[Reply]

what do I think of politics?


I don't care about stuff like that

I just want to watch the world burn

331 posts and 74 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

5b37b3 No.379380


That is some signature spice right there. Vintage 02 internet tough guy act. Almost as good as the lisping furry talking about his military experience.

cbc6e1 No.379678


Seeing how these guys respond, it's almost like most MRA's really don't how real men actually react to a situation.

dfe852 No.379720


I remember when they cucked Naked Ape on Warski Live. They were wanting jim to comment on an article i think despite Ape doing the same thing jim does and being there.

966395 No.379740


Narcissists are generally the one's that won't hide behind avatars.

c02ba9 No.379830

File: 5b4c466c6e34078⋯.png (158.93 KB, 1050x741, 350:247, 1516873376804.png)

File: b245661739ff2a3⋯.jpg (5.85 KB, 225x225, 1:1, index.jpg)

0d32ed No.298119[Reply]


Soulbrotha is a fairly small, but infamous youtuber. He does video reviews, skits, abridged series, and advice for being a screenwriter and filmmaker. He is well known for doing a few Arthur parodies (currently deleted) and advice videos regarding sound equipment. The latter have been praised.

Soulbrotha is one of the best examples of an A-log. He despises youtube movie reviewers like Nostalgic Critic and YMS. Now that in of itself isn't that bad, but he is in the same creative rut as they are. He unironically does abridge series, reviews, and parodies just like the people he mock, but ironically, even worse.

His opinions in his reviews vary from outright shitty to misinformed. His humor reveals tons of bitterness to stupid youtube/imdb commenters. He also has a very strange obsession to things from the late 90s to the early 2000s. They get referenced nonstop, and some of the shows he abridged come from that time era. He makes tons of videos on Gen 1 pokemon too. He is stuck in the past just like other spergy cartoon reviewers. Honestly, he comes off as an insecure faggot who was bullied/mocked by anime fans for liking sports and hip hop.

He does target other lolcows like BenTheLooney and Mr.Enter. However, a lot of his fanbase act exactly like them putting Soulbrotha on a higher pedestal. A lot of them are shills who pay for episodes of his abridge series. No joke. Sometimes he sells his series on VHS tapes. Ironically, he has a very controversial view on fair use, but does all of this anyway. He also tells people to create, but all the stuff he does are copywritten, or rely on references.

He also has tendencies of being an SJW too. He once called Sargon an Neo Nazi, gets offended by iDubb's use of the word nigger, and called Tarantino racist over something he completely missed the point on. He also got really worried of his fans objectifying Avril Lavigne after someone made a joke about it. Ironically, when Etanthe3rd/Kawaiidesunigga came out as trans, he completely ended the friendship. Good friends with Hbomberguy

He is a potential lolcow for the most part, as a lot of it is subtly prPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

338 posts and 112 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f1a556 No.376739


I really have no clue. I can see him browsing it to feel superior to all the people posting weird conspiracy threads, but then he got himself involved. It feels like the equivalent of trying to hype up your mixtape at a homeless shelter.

16ad97 No.377761


Is there an archive of these streams somewhere

f1a556 No.379162


There are, but you have to donate to his paypig to get them.

f7203a No.379397


He has the audacity to think that the relationship between hip hop music and their programming that Adult Swim has been curating for a decade and a half is ripping him off.

Not only that but all of SoulBro's live action stuff is obviously heavily influenced by Adult Swim's brand of humor.


f1a556 No.379825


It's been going on for well over a decade at this point. And the thing is that AS is more legit, because they have permission to use the artists' music. SoBro doesn't, yet that's not going to stop him from monetizing things that feature their music anyway.

File: 46ca10d91ea4e6d⋯.jpg (30.63 KB, 631x444, 631:444, lord_and_liege.jpg)

d6c50c No.379634[Reply]




>30 year old british NEET living in moms attic.

>Is 5'4", was never able to disprove this fact

>Earned himself a lifetime-ban from Youtube, Twitch, Twitter. Blames Internet-Illuminati.

>Was never invited to the Baited! Podcast.

>Eternal feud against all other Second Life Youtubers. Eternal feud against Commentary Community.

>Miraculously still has a fanbase. Notable members of BIDF (Britbong Internet Defense Force): JMAA "The Onion-Eating Cyclops", AlexJapanKid "The Ageplayer", Jammku "The Shame Of E-Sports"

<If you're a TRUE FAN, turn away now, or you'll be branded a FAKE FAN.

>Caught sexting with a tranny. Pretends it never happened.

>Plays SL socially. Pretends he doesn't.

>He loves to banter. Don't make fun of him or he will report you. Don't use his footage or he will DMCA you.

<Has already B,T,F,Oed you by you reading this. You mad.

>Got cucked twice by his own moderation team (Caroline went with Applechild, Summer went with Eggman).

>Doesn't believe in the concept of "male friends". Hunts down every female on his discord.

<Wouldn't have gone on Baited! even if he had been invited, anyways.

>Looking for a girl friend, please apply: https://britbong.com/girlfriend-application (https://archive.fo/XjgJe) Don't apply if 29+, black, you had a black bf in the past or if you have snapcPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

6 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

00efc8 No.379800


He would have to leave his house though, i guess he could hang it out his window

870f16 No.379808

File: c629407b21c6241⋯.png (916.08 KB, 1380x1723, 1380:1723, gfapp.png)


Full screenshot from before he deleted the page.

78f7cc No.379809

File: c6eaa988829098b⋯.png (26.24 KB, 515x90, 103:18, Untitled.png)

00efc8 No.379818


Oh has the sad cunt removed it now? "it was just a meme guys" - or maybe that means someone was sad enough to do it

or maybe hes finally accepted JMAA into his life

d1cfd7 No.379821


>he removed it

My guess is because he got a lot of totally serious and not troll responses.

File: ec80e108a5a709f⋯.jpg (26.28 KB, 415x411, 415:411, jfgface.JPG)

9388cf No.379570[Reply]

>I block people on ze twitter because zey make fun of me on ze pooblic spez

He is a butthurt faggot. You can call me a shill or what not but you know deep down inside that JF is a butthurt faggot. I don't support the Money Badger's narrative against him, I don't think he is a pedo who rapes autistic children, I just think he is a cuck.

65 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

798a40 No.379794

Eigentlich, Kraut, ist da noch was. Ich gehe grade die ganzen alten Kraut- und Jewtube threads durch damit ich sicher bin, dass alle Bilder und Videos gespeichert sind. Dabei ist mir was aufgefallen.

> alte aufgezeichnete Konversation mit dir

> redest von JF

> we need to expose what he did

Wird die ganze Situation hier möglicherweise missverstanden? Denkst du irgendwie, wir wüssten nicht alle alles was du und deine kiddies stetig wiederholen nicht? Wir wüssten nicht dass er ne autistische Freundin hatte? Wir wüssten nicht, dass er mit einer Laborassistentin geschlafen hat? Wir wüssten nicht, dass er geschieden ist? Denn wenn du denkst wir hören einfach nur weg und wüssten über nichts von allem worüber du und der Liliputaner seit letztem Herbst reden bescheid? Denn wenns das ist, kann ich dir versichern, genug leute haben mehr als ausgiebig in genau dein Material reingeschaut. Nach allem bis jetzt bezweifle ich sehr schwer, dass es noch irgendetwas neues auszugraben gibt wovon anons die neugierig sind, nicht wüssten.

Hier ein (you) um dich anzuregen. >>379791

9388cf No.379798


tanks for supporting me :)

5025a9 No.379811

Kraut is still crying i see.

c420b7 No.379813

File: 0d0cab58929e5fe⋯.webm (10.87 MB, 640x360, 16:9, soviel ist keine Frau wer….webm)



9a7b39 No.379815


word of advice

put spaces after your commas

also use less commas

File: 56817b2bb2250e1⋯.png (101.13 KB, 906x905, 906:905, ghbghghjhjjhjh.png)

1907e8 No.305656[Reply]

This guy is an FTM transgender deviantART user who is notorious for joking about rape and making a rapist OC who everybody loves while having an incredibly young fanbase.

Here's his dA and Tumblr accounts:



Here are some journals explaining the drama:



17 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

80acdc No.378795




I'm sorry. Should I refer to this person as female from now on?

9d5493 No.379145



Fuck off you mentally ill munter.

a6e13a No.379164

72ba9f No.379400



She is not a man and she will never be a man. Stop feeding into her delusions and referring to her with her "preferred" pronouns, faggot.

00e83b No.379766



Ok, I guess I will be referring to her as a woman from now on here’ are you happy? (The reason why my ID is different is because I’m sending this from my phone.

File: f972b41a8e117d2⋯.jpg (87.61 KB, 720x960, 3:4, COD_OC_cosplay.jpg)

File: 0c38d58acfc10e2⋯.webm (4.13 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, kari5.webm)

File: df609fb2f70fd03⋯.jpg (134.77 KB, 960x960, 1:1, kanan_jarrus_in_bed.jpg)

File: 6dc547e5960b3fa⋯.jpg (30.91 KB, 479x314, 479:314, beyblade_sketch.JPG)

File: a399957fef215ff⋯.png (2.03 MB, 1248x1484, 312:371, NOT_IMMATURE.png)

af454b No.283063[Reply]

Introducing Kari5

>26 year old womanchild DA user and YouTuber

>rages at "da hackers" and anyone who criticizes her

>makes cwc tier art

>cosplays as her Call of Duty OC

>has many 2D husbandos

>ships herself with Sora (from Kingdom Hearts)

>rages at anyone who ships Sora with anyone else

>has "100 milon [sic]" babies with Sora

>made a petition to include herself as Sora's cannon love interest for Kingdom Hearts 3


Other links:

DeviantArt: https://kari5.deviantart.com/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrNk3KbYHTl7mS5VLnTLAWA

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/serifemeryemisik

KH13 Account: http://kh13.com/forum/user/58976-serife-isik/

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/serifeisik/videos/all

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/serifemeryemisik/

dailymotion: http://www.dailymotion.com/powerichigo

259 posts and 121 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

4f11c8 No.379489

Hey dont touch my arts and my videos leave me alone and go away plz delete this is info about me plz leave me alone

19bb20 No.379509

File: 103b49e22556b7a⋯.jpg (10.88 KB, 212x350, 106:175, crying_girl_base_by_pixelb….jpg)

File: 7e42a41df51cf40⋯.jpg (11.03 KB, 467x350, 467:350, girl_and_an_arm_base_by_ri….jpg)


You been using templates, and your still getting it wrong. Oh gawd. It just keeps getting better and better.

74f45b No.379549



renounce your backwards bedouin religion and we'll shut the fuck up

6dc368 No.379721

File: 6b74ab171a13e97⋯.png (487.39 KB, 1381x810, 1381:810, just make it ourself.PNG)

File: 64b64629b0139ee⋯.jpg (149.02 KB, 500x461, 500:461, [laugs geologicaly].jpg)

>tfw you need someone else to make your shitty Mary Sue in a flash game


628463 No.379724


>my arts

Jesus-fucking-Chirst you deviantart faggots are retarded. Just because you post your MSPaint shit on a website with "art" in the name doesn't make what you do art. You poorly edit stuff other people have done. That's what you do.


Even her shitty self-insert looks like it has autism.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

cf1ee5 No.377231[Reply]

Sabrina Symington of life of Bia fame

>SJW tranny

>Makes a poorly written & drawn WOKE web comic

>Progressive Atheist aka hates Christians, problematic atheists and Buddhists yet loves, defends and support Islam

>transgender lesbian Muslim refugees advocate

>Antifa supporter

>Literally openly anti-free speech

>Safe Space advocate

>shitty artists

>Downplays/ignores Muslim terrorists attacks

>Wants colleges to outlaw non progressive speakers

>advocates for people to get attacked or fried for wrongthink

>Friends with the creator of Assigned

One of the largest untapped LULCOWs markets is the borderline Islam supporting SJWs. Pretty much Half of not More of the American comic books industry made up of islamophilles.

c6e737 No.377237

File: 7f24ab3d443cddd⋯.webm (248.88 KB, 240x288, 5:6, hitler-dance.webm)


Back to the Gaskammer

257576 No.377242

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

If you are going to start a thread about a suspected lolcow, don't use what someone else has put up. That shit comes off pretty lazy there friendo.

Twitter is usually good start for collecting on troons. (it has what troons crave, instant attention and validation) Its the brawndo of social media.


b5e66e No.377417


t. furfag

cf1ee5 No.377553



How much of a faggot someone has to be when even furries are calling them fags?

469549 No.379637

Is Digby a lolcow?

File: 2480e2030d22fdf⋯.png (497.52 KB, 849x478, 849:478, kingofbanter_vs_penguin.png)

File: da92b3bfcce5df0⋯.webm (14.1 MB, 852x480, 71:40, kingofbanter_vs_penguin.webm)

abc059 No.357467[Reply]

Be on the lookout for Dominic Vanner 'The Transgender Lover' and the Britbong Internet Defense Force (BIDF) samefagging and attempting to slide the thread. If you're a current or former friend of Britbong and have con.tent and/or stories to tell, come on down and give us the skinny. We are loving and sweet.

Reminder: Britbong posts in these threads and pretends he doesn't. He has a sub 80 IQ.

Previous threads

Thread #37: >>331112 (Archive: https://archive.fo/JXlnN)

Thread #36: >>318343 (Archive: https://archive.fo/iSeha)

Thread #35: >>310484 (Archive: https://archive.fo/srLgb)

Thread #34: >>307022 (Archive: https://archive.fo/dLkeJ)

Thread #33: >>304244 (Archive: https://archive.fo/ffVU3)

Thread #32: >>298293 (You) (Archive: https://archive.fo/2oLD2)

Thread #31: >>293110 (Archive: https://archive.fo/9fm2c)

Thread #30: >>290748 (Archive: https://archive.fo/a3XRr)

Older: Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

380 posts and 166 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

b2b769 No.379283


I literally just checked out their website. I seriously can't tell if this is ironic or not? Their shit just comes off as somehow an even more tasteless shadbase rip-off, why would britbong openly identify with people as bad as the ones he makes fun of if not worse on SL and shit.

4bf495 No.379393


midget in the streets, midget in the sheets.

82e195 No.379584

Hey OP where's the new thread? We're almost at bump limit?

9465dd No.379599

File: e7fee3dfb7a004a⋯.png (459.04 KB, 777x913, 777:913, 1515583814078.png)

File: d950820b42e7504⋯.png (177.46 KB, 315x369, 35:41, 1515520174437.png)

File: 2254484221f52e0⋯.jpg (148.65 KB, 1024x724, 256:181, jmaa_reference_sheet_by_jm….jpg)

File: be43ab9e6c0b004⋯.jpg (227.02 KB, 2048x1152, 16:9, jmaa_hacker.jpg)


JMAA is a 100% genuine onion lad.

Even MT and BIDF make fun of him, but he's allowed within their ranks because he gives MT money. It's kinda abusive at times.



9465dd No.379690

next thread >>379634

File: 861696b9757d22a⋯.png (62.33 KB, 981x264, 327:88, circlejerking.PNG)

d1ae60 No.232918[Reply]

Not about null. This thread is about the members of kiwi.


This thread is pure circlejerking. One guy points it out and gets downvoted to shit. Gives you an idea that they cannot accept any form of criticism or differing opinion just like a real autist.

Reminder not to take the kiwi farms seriously. There are some good threads and members on there but most of them are bad tranny tumblr rejects who think trollshielding actually works. They act all tough, but then you see shit like this. There are much more examples of this circlejerking. Goons and cuckchanners are more intimidating.

Discuss your thoughts on the members and threads here.

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d03f7f No.348905


Good work anon. I found some more details on his server: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cloudflare.

4757bd No.349010


Cloudflare, Sam.

32caa6 No.350769

File: 2f15d1a6464f0ef⋯.jpg (33.99 KB, 500x340, 25:17, 1513381264134.jpg)

d03f7f No.351357

File: 463da974e1797d9⋯.jpg (21.71 KB, 480x360, 4:3, thatsthejoke.jpg)

0b747f No.379593

File: b0fdd1016009eb9⋯.jpg (9.81 KB, 197x256, 197:256, b0fdd1016009eb967bf758871d….jpg)


You can't be this retarded now can you?

File: c389d612cae6119⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, gords_2.jpg)

a119ad No.302988[Reply]

Also know as: Gordon Jones, Gordon Jahans, Farshnuke, Farsh-nuke, GAK Jahans, Alasdair Jakes, Not the Farsh-nuke.

Jahans is an artificially testosterone-fuelled obese NEET cannibal fetishist who hilariously virtue signals about all the usual SJW shit in order to hide how disgusting he is from his non-existent audience and imaginary friends. He has privatised the older videos on his channel but the work of Esoteric Jahanists keeps the N E C T A R flowing.

The Four-Part Jahans Documentary:

The Sins of the Son https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBJdzK-FiWU

An Englishman on Holiday https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELB-zWuKdhA

Jahanquisition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1I9LqczBZw

Boyfriend Saga: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciqQi_yyhqo

More Introductory Nectar

The Next Generation Revolutionaries: Alexander Jahans https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRbFpps7_2Q

The Ovenmen on Esoteric Jahanism https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmRqQFxqw-I

Fashy Gainz EP10: Jahans Level Motivation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4otmzisxn8

Alexander Jahans: Diary of a madman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nrwaRnZ1eM

Esoteric Revelations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWIEana3jQM

Emperor Jahans: Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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f9f4c5 No.377927

Adam and his discord fags are definitely not in this thread right now making up bullshit

bbbb4c No.378128


t. Adam

Look, we and half the internet know about your little youkipper secret. Big woop. Now stop lurking and being a pussy

a6266e No.379569

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

less blacked adam, more J A K E S


47755a No.379580


I hate Jahans so fucking much, he's such a self-pitying wanker.


47755a No.379591



>I know my situation isn't changing, I just want to get the money so I don't die.

Could we read this as Jahans revealing that he doesn't want to get a job? Is there a way we can phone up his welfare office and tell them that he's revealing he isn't trying to get a job in order to get his welfare shut off?

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