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File: 1443749186207.jpg (86.2 KB, 532x532, 1:1, everything in moderation.jpg)


Hello, this thread is for any suggestions or complaints about the moderation. You can also use this as a way to contact the moderation rather than posting elsewhere in the board and simply hoping I will see it.

We do not have an official Discord or IRC, but any user can feel free to make one and post its link.

If you need to contact me outside the board: LoveJesus@8chan.co

Thank you and may God bless.

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Wasn't olde Oscar a homosexual?

File: ab1fe198a9580d8⋯.jpg (65.83 KB, 465x477, 155:159, The_wheel_0.jpg)


Bible study stream!!

We are starting in ~40ish mins


BO EDIT: Sticky Deserved

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Did Bible study guy died?

File: aa59aab1232dc35⋯.png (10.01 KB, 204x299, 204:299, serveimage.png)


Post your prayers for other Anons to pray for, if the mods could make this a cycling thread that would be great.

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My family dog is getting put down. Please mark a prayer for me and my family

File: 1826363b08d9e75⋯.jpg (435.47 KB, 790x480, 79:48, Saints Cyril and Methodius.jpg)


Because their father was an officer in a part of Greece inhabited by many Slavs, these two Greek brothers ultimately became missionaries, teachers, and patrons of the Slavic peoples.

After a brilliant course of studies, Cyril (called Constantine until he became a monk shortly before his death) refused the governorship of a district such as his brother had accepted among the Slavic-speaking population. Cyril withdrew to a monastery where his brother Methodius had become a monk after some years in a governmental post.

A decisive change in their lives occurred when the Duke of Moravia asked the Eastern Emperor Michael for political independence from German rule and ecclesiastical autonomy (having their own clergy and liturgy). Cyril and Methodius undertook the missionary task.

Cyril’s first work was to invent an alphabet, still used in some Eastern liturgies. His followers probably formed the Cyrillic alphabet. Together they translated the Gospels, the psalter, Paul’s letters and the liturgical books into Slavonic, and composed a Slavonic liturgy, highly irregular then.

That and their free use of the vernacular in preaching led to opposition from the German clergy. The bishop refused to consecrate Slavic bishops and priests, and Cyril was forced to appeal to Rome. On the visit to Rome, he and Methodius had the joy of seeing their new liturgy approved by Pope Adrian II. Cyril, long an invalid, died in Rome 50 days after taking the monastic habit.

Methodius continued mission work for 16 more years. He was papal legate for all the Slavic peoples, consecrated a bishop and then given an ancient see (now in the Czech Republic). When much of their former territory was removed from their jurisdiction, the Bavarian bishops retaliated with a violent storm of accusation against Methodius. As a result, Emperor Louis the German exiled Methodius for three years. Pope John VIII secured his release.

Because the Frankish clergy, still smarting, continued their accusations, Methodius had to go to Rome to defend himself against charges of heresy and uphold his use of the Slavonic liturgy. He wPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 4463f605ff72208⋯.gif (94.11 KB, 248x255, 248:255, 1413217536950.gif)

Being from a protestant background I never hear much about saints. This is truly remarkable.

File: 46be14a01b0c53f⋯.jpg (285.07 KB, 790x480, 79:48, Saint Claude de la Colombi….jpg)


This is a special day for the Jesuits, who claim today’s saint as one of their own. It’s also a special day for people who have a special devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus—a devotion Claude de la Colombière promoted, along with his friend and spiritual companion, Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque. The emphasis on God’s love for all was an antidote to the rigorous moralism of the Jansenists, who were popular at the time.

Claude showed remarkable preaching skills long before his ordination in 1675. Two months later, he was made superior of a small Jesuit residence in Burgundy. It was there he first encountered Margaret Mary Alacoque. For many years after he served as her confessor.

He was next sent to England to serve as confessor to the Duchess of York. He preached by both words and by the example of his holy life, converting a number of Protestants. Tensions arose against Catholics and Claude, rumored to be part of a plot against the king, was imprisoned. He was ultimately banished, but by then his health had been ruined.

He died in 1682. Pope John Paul II canonized Claude de la Colombière in 1992.

File: 9f72c917f79e13b⋯.png (890.23 KB, 900x728, 225:182, wew.png)


Given that /christian/ is simply uncapable of having a proper discussion on this, I have decided to ask here:

Do you see them as a problem?

Is it a mental illness?

Is it learned behaviour?

If it's sinful, why doesn't Jesus ever talk on the issue?

Is it actually a sin, or is it a sin only because sex outside of marriage is sin, and two men can't get married?

Is it possible for two homosexuals to have real love between them instead of pure lust? If so, is that love valuable?

What is the line that shouldn't be crossed? Hugs? Kisses? Anal sex?

What should be done with them? Execution? Banishment? Rehabilitation?

I want this to be a theory/discussion thread about homosexuals and on how they can be saved. Not interested in the andersonites and their kys advice.

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Almost accurate, let me just fix it.


>Hates [being(s)]

Pick one



I love this. Sodomy is thoroughly accepted throughout mainstream society, yet the fact that a small few traditional holdouts still exist against you burns your ass so much that you feel the urge to come to an obscure Christian image board to attempt to refute us. Why don't you cut the bullshit and admit to the guilt and shame you feel for what you've done to yourself and others?



Your cryptomatriarchy ideology feels threatened by faggots?

Since having a job basically means taking dick in the ass today, society has normalized such behaviour, you don't really ask "why society does this" you take the conclusion from its development.



>Sodomy is thoroughly accepted

Except that's not what this discussion was about at all.

There are literally commandments in the Bible we no longer even consider fulfilling, and life moves on without anyone, even priests considering them sinful.

The question is not whether sex outside of marriage is okay (the stance of the church is that it's always wrong and guess what, nobody actually cares about this, because people want to have sex before marriage to see if it will work out), but whether samesex relationships are bad no matter what or are they only bad if they include sexual behaviour. Where are the limits? Is this one of the outdated commandments? How do we know if yes, or not?

What the degenerate conservatives do is that they occupy the safest space possible and take potshots at everyone else who has the balls to take a more risky stance on the issue, and thus, the conservative finds himself in a position, where he stays put while condemning literally everyone else, while risk-takers actually get shit done and uncover truths.

Even if gay sex were actually wrong, that's not really an argument to condemn gay sex given the rampant degeneracy amongst straight people. You either condemn all extramarital affairs, or you don't. Faggotry becomes literally a non-issue if you do that, but no, you gotta pretend that faggotry is somehow a special sin that is worse than heterosexual sluttery.




But also it's just funny how some cucks like to cling to the idea of The Law due to their insecurities and become total pharisees talking shit about everyone else, when the actual spirit of the law would be to love each other and help each other along the path of reconciliation with God, and here they are whining like an old woman. A fucking faggot might just have more relevant spiritual experience, than these weaklings whose entire spiritual practice consists of reading books and googling bible passages that condemn what they don't like and validate what they do like.

File: 4fad445698629ea⋯.jpg (59.08 KB, 640x335, 128:67, reddittier.jpg)


I apologize if this isn't the board for this, but I've been lurking for a little over a year now and wanted to make a post. I'm 23, college graduate from the University of Kansas, Christian and feel this overwhelming since of loneliness.

I'm lonely /Christ/. I understand this post might get made fun of but I have nowhere else to turn to. My parents think I'm a right wing extremist, my Church put the gilette ad on today and the pastor praised it, and I'm surrounded by a community of third wave feminists (Lawrence is the liberal spot in Kansas).

I believe in God. I consider myself a traditionalist right wing Christian and I've left my old church after the pastor started talking about "toxic masculinity". I long for a wife. My God, how I long to be able to call myself a husband… a father. To fulfill my spiritual roll as a man. My biological role as a man. But society has deemed such a role unneeded. "No future exists for the cis white boys in this classroom" so would say my professor.

I don't know what I expected from posting here. I guess to just see if anyone could relate or if I was just screaming into the void. I fear it's the latter. I brought this up awhile ago on halfchan /pol/ and it just felt like screaming into the void.

Lost 70 pounds, doing /fit/ness, NoFap, lift, decent paying job for somebody right out of college and ain't totally ugly. Still though, can't find a tradwife.

TLDR; I'm lonely and long for a trad wife. Just screaming into the void hoping somebody can relate.

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Im here with you brother in christ. Press P to pray for OP


This has been a long issue of mine being 36 and still unmarried.



kill urself lol



> To fulfill my spiritual roll as a man




The churches denial of the natural, physical world is the denial of God. The abandonment of masculinity as the forefront of Christianity is anti-Christ.

You're pastor now, is Jesus Christ (though he always has been), anon.

You're chruch has abandond Christ Jesus, therefore it is being subject to his wrath (as they are outside the presence of God himself: Jesus Christ). Sounds like to me your church has abandonded the gospel of Jesus Christ for the gospel of moralism.

I'd appeal to God and see if the destruction and desolation of your church is justified in his eyes according to his infinite wisdom.

To destroy that which is evil and corrupt for the sake of his kingdom.Tthis may be done through a restructuring of your church, or God may just utterly dissolve the church, scattering the congregation. Or he may do something completely unforeseen.

Is the Bible not enough for you? In times like these it's Chist Jesus and you against the world.

Where is your faith, anon? It sounds like to me you're putting your faith into the church and it's people rather than Jesus Christ himself. You're faith belongs to Christ Jesus. Not the chruch.

Why don't you pray for the wrath of God? Where is your fury, anon? Where is your righteous anger and hatred for that which is evil?!

File: 3437097c8017761⋯.png (18.37 KB, 498x520, 249:260, pudding.png)


I'm looking for some proof on any recent corruption within the Catholic church, preferably the past 100 years - older accounts work but might not be as relevant to people today in the ministry.

I often hear people say things like,

>"The pope is corrupting the catholic church."

What are some recent examples which have been proven 100% true and are not shrouded by mystery and myth?

Please note your sources as this topic tends to have a lot of false information surrounding it.



Do your own homework, fgt.



Just hang out on /kjv/ for a while. Their hate-boner for Catholics can be seen from space.




>first thread on /christ/

>this is the response




If you can't handle it, gb2 your /christian/ safespace.

File: 423d3723696c313⋯.jpeg (48.35 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 3ABF9C64-9641-4142-B925-6….jpeg)


What magical things have you experienced to prove to you that god is real?


File: 9213956ef0497cc⋯.jpg (126.53 KB, 500x506, 250:253, 20180716_193252.jpg)

It's incredibly hard to describe.

But certain events unfolding the way they do when attempting to be loyal and free of sin.

Also the night sky is clearly God's signature.



I have experienced the living presence of God when my daughter was in the hospital.



The fact that no matter what you do, you die like the other animals



No such experiences. I believe in Him, because a world without Him isn't worth living in.

File: 3c3caf6bb73cb7b⋯.jpg (84.9 KB, 420x560, 3:4, Terry_A._Davis_in_1985.jpg)



Who is using this thing? It has an app that lets you talk to God.

File: 31a2e5ec56026fd⋯.jpg (34.54 KB, 810x500, 81:50, fire_and_brimstone_810_500….jpg)


Archeologists: Sodom and Gomorrah literally destroyed by fire and brimstone falling from the sky

>A group of archeologists and other scientists say they have discovered strong evidence that the region of the “Middle Ghor,” where the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah are believed to have existed, were in fact destroyed by a meteor that exploded in the sky above, raining down superheated matter and raising temperatures to thousands of degrees, a theory that matches the account of the cities’ destruction contained in the Old Testament Book of Genesis.

>According to the theory, the meteor exploded at low altitude with the force of a ten megaton atomic bomb at an altitude of about one kilometer over the northeast corner of the Dead Sea, and obliterated all of civilization in the 25-kilometer-wide circular plain that constitutes the “Middle Ghor.”

>The researchers presented preliminary findings on the subject at this year’s annual meeting of the American Schools of Oriental Research in November, and have been developing the theory since at least 2015. They state that the evidence from radiocarbon dating indicates that a group of civilizations flourished in the area for over two millennia, until approximately 1700 BC, when the mud-brick walls of the buildings in the region simultaneously disappeared and only the stone foundations remained.

>At the same time, the pottery in the settlements was heated into glass in the space of milliseconds, according to the results of an analysis of the Zircon crystals formed in the process, indicating that they were briefly exposed to temperatures of approximately 4000 to 12000 degrees Celsius, comparable to the temperature of the surface of the sun.

>The explosion rained down platinum as well as molten lava on the region, according to two of the archeologists, and this further confirms that a meteor was the source, given that platinum is found in higher concentrations in meteors than on earth.

>Approximately 40,000 to 60,000 people living in the region were killed, and a 5Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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I'm not that guy, I'm just calling you a redditor because you are one.


And you too.



This. Noah's flood for example, also caused by a meteor which was the major catalyst that ended the last great ice age, IIRC.



Blessed are those who believe and have not seen

I believe Christ said those words because those who believe in Christ with blind faith and without the arduous duty of finding God are indeed truly blessed. They didnt have to struggle with the worlds lies. They were handed the truth and immediately accepted it not knoeing sny better but got the answer right. They all but won the lottery as if they had given the same vlind faith ti other things it wouldve been harder for Christ to save them



As bad as a place like San Francisco seems, it's not "hey, see those two strangers that came to town? Let's get the entire populace together to have sex with them and start a riot if they are kept or hidden from us" bad.


File: 931f71f5c3e1062⋯.jpg (66.7 KB, 399x351, 133:117, night.jpg)


That was the flood.

God promised not to destroy with water anymore.

Read the book of Revelation.

San Francisco is going to get glassed.

File: 12f1c52bd3a484b⋯.jpg (381.54 KB, 790x480, 79:48, Saint Giles Mary of Saint ….jpg)


In the same year that a power-hungry Napoleon Bonaparte led his army into Russia, Giles Mary of Saint Joseph ended a life of humble service to his Franciscan community and to the citizens of Naples.

Francesco was born in Taranto to very poor parents. His father’s death left the 18-year-old Francesco to care for the family. Having secured their future, he entered the Friars Minor at Galatone in 1754. For 53 years, he served at St. Paschal’s Hospice in Naples in various roles, such as cook, porter, or most often as official beggar for that community.

“Love God, love God” was his characteristic phrase as he gathered food for the friars and shared some of his bounty with the poor—all the while consoling the troubled and urging everyone to repent. The charity which he reflected on the streets of Naples was born in prayer and nurtured in the common life of the friars. The people whom Giles met on his begging rounds nicknamed him the “Consoler of Naples.” He was canonized in 1996.

File: 2765bff50688126⋯.png (128.45 KB, 706x636, 353:318, e3e67d393d0c00ffdeaddec5a7….png)


Post any bans, insight, or exchanges you've had with /christian/ uninspired moderation.

132 posts and 56 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Kek worshipers should be boiled in excrement. Random repeating digits mean nothing.


File: 10d00330eaf4f8e⋯.png (207.36 KB, 598x369, 598:369, come on now.png)


>I think the repeating digits are God showing his influence



Don't know why you all hate Rome and pretend that you're being virtuous. I've never met a bad Romist other than a couple of misbehaving 5 year olds, but I have met many Protestant bigots, and unfortunately fell under their influence for a time.


File: 71eca9263317d82⋯.png (154.55 KB, 889x879, 889:879, Scre5rtyhszd2.png)

File: 48487245678bd3c⋯.png (139.67 KB, 883x736, 883:736, Scre5rtyhszd1.png)

I just don't get it anymore.


File: 35765d1dce47a46⋯.png (52.67 KB, 701x719, 701:719, christban.png)

Banned for being harsh on Jewish pornographers and pointing out the Israeli broadcasting of porn into the homes of occupied Palestine. Don't tell them where the word "Kike" came from, their heads might explode.

Can't believe I was told to go back to /pol/, as if they want me to be a race idolater. I specifically STOPPED going to /pol/ because I couldn't stand the idolatrous pagan race worship any longer.

File: 7911761c4bb708a⋯.jpg (444.03 KB, 790x480, 79:48, Saint Apollonia.jpg)


The persecution of Christians began in Alexandria during the reign of the Emperor Philip. The first victim of the pagan mob was an old man named Metrius, who was tortured and then stoned to death. The second person who refused to worship their false idols was a Christian woman named Quinta. Her words infuriated the mob and she was scourged and stoned.

While most of the Christians were fleeing the city, abandoning all their worldly possessions, an old deaconess, Apollonia, was seized. The crowds beat her, knocking out all of her teeth. Then they lit a large fire and threatened to throw her in it if she did not curse her God. She begged them to wait a moment, acting as if she was considering their requests. Instead, she jumped willingly into the flames and so suffered martyrdom.

There were many churches and altars dedicated to her. Apollonia is the patroness of dentists, and people suffering from toothache and other dental diseases often ask her intercession. She is pictured with a pair of pincers holding a tooth or with a golden tooth suspended from her necklace. Saint Augustine explained her voluntary martyrdom as a special inspiration of the Holy Spirit, since no one is allowed to cause his or her own death.

File: 0b79cf313d3bb90⋯.jpg (841.67 KB, 822x465, 274:155, 17797familypraywittman_822.jpg)


Study: Atheism found to be the cause of low fertility rates in western nations


8 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



That has nothing to do with whether or not the earth is over-populated. People have been decrying overpopulation since Tertullian, and in his day the population of the world was 190-200 million. It's been determined that the earth can handle a population of ~25 billion people. 7.5 billion, therefor, is not overpopulation.

Global warming/climate change is a whole different topic.




Global warming reduces the number of people the Earth can take care of and forces people to move to new areas where there isn't food infrastructure.



They're aliens



Maybe your mother and father should have had less kids and your dad should have pulled out

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