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So I work for a valet company, Ameristar Parking Solutions. It's ok but the managers are apparently allowed to do whatever they want to employees and they receive no reprimand.

What am I talking about? On April 28, 2019, I worked a shift at the Brevard Zoo. My manager on shift, who had addressed a problem with my performance the day before, gave me instructions and I went to work. After he called me back he asked for volunteers to go home and I was the only one to willingly volunteer. So I left making plans with someone else to hang for a bit and went to bed. Everything seemed fine, until 24 hours later when I receive a series of messages from the same manager I was working with the day before. No context, Very inappropriate content. Nothing else. He never replied to my messages, answer my calls and when I saw him in person he was acting like a child instead of a manager.

So I call my boss 3 weeks later to try and get to the bottom of this. I want to know why I was sent these messages. Who else but the same manager is messaging me again, asking me if I'm still working and saying that he has many other reasons to act the way he did(sending the messages, not explaining them, lying about sending them to the boss) and that I should stop while I'm ahead.

I don't like being used as a scapegoat, that's what this feels like. I just want answers honestly, but it seems like I'm gonna get screwed here. Off some bullshit. The screenshots I uploaded show the messages that got me into this mess as well as my evidence to disprove what I am being accused of these messages. The thing that pisses me off most is that none of the other managers are aware that he sent these and even worse they won't care they'll just back it up. It sucks that I have to go to work today. I dont even enjoy this job anymore.



report them you stupid bitch

tits would be appreciated

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