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File: bcfb8dc658afa34⋯.jpg (1.46 MB, 827x1223, 827:1223, 9b5719706b13889bb379ebb582….jpg)



>seasonal anime stream

>Sunday, Tuesday, Friday at 5 pm ET / 21 UTC - https://prolikewoah.com/t/20181016T21

https://cytu.be/r/loleron [ >>9468 ]

>EU anime stream

>Monday, Wednesday, Thursday at 1 PM GMT / 13 UTC - https://prolikewoah.com/t/20181015T13

https://cytu.be/r/tezuka [ >>50687 ]

>jazz stream

>Fridays at 12 pm PST / 19 UTC - https://prolikewoah.com/t/20181019T19

http://prolikewoah.com:8989/radio [ >>42502 ]

>/animu/vie night

>Saturday 730 pm ET / 23 UTC - https://prolikewoah.com/t/20181020T2330

https://cytu.be/r/Jazzynight [ >>43697 ]


>Bad Movie Night

>Saturday 8PM CDT / 01 UTC (Sunday) - https://prolikewoah.com/t/201Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Post last edited at

File: 97148bc56bf5562⋯.jpg (97.67 KB, 600x958, 300:479, __goblin_slayer_and_honwas….jpg)


Goblin Slayer!

/tg/ anime about an autist who hates goblins

how did you guys like it?

how dare you bigots not let goblins rape, its part of their culture!

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It didn't even need the action to be badass, just brutal. I'm shocked that the show is so fucking tame, considering they made Re;Zero, where the show's brutalness was basically it's only selling point. They even made Stein's Gate, Akame Ga Kill, and Jormungand. I am genuinely surprised at how much this is flopping.


File: 89a9fa9e300b49f⋯.jpg (137.24 KB, 760x596, 190:149, corunaru the barubarian ma….jpg)


You can read comics from left to right?


File: 1831b0a1e5dbb62⋯.jpg (357.03 KB, 2527x460, 2527:460, capeshit.jpg)


plot twist: the writing got worse after you figured it out how to properly read it



Don't tell the cops.



I hate how they gave GS the shaft.

File: 15dcd3efa44ae9b⋯.jpg (121.24 KB, 750x894, 125:149, 15dcd3efa44ae9b1c2b1658e90….jpg)

File: 0eb59e267eea5c3⋯.png (394.5 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 0eb59e267eea5c3d2d5a600a9e….png)

File: bb9115f9b7af0e4⋯.jpg (98.5 KB, 980x690, 98:69, bb9115f9b7af0e41f25cdf303a….jpg)

File: 95f28a734138bd7⋯.jpg (64.74 KB, 720x800, 9:10, 95f28a734138bd7d5a068b3eff….jpg)

File: bde9d0f1436c9bb⋯.jpg (301.3 KB, 498x709, 498:709, bde9d0f1436c9bb85faa3adffd….jpg)


For those who like their cute girls to be extra fluffy and cuddly.

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>can only be fluffy on full moons

Would not marry


File: 91c13ad695f3e73⋯.png (354.68 KB, 640x464, 40:29, Power Ball.png)


>not figuring out how to make every time full moon time


File: 0d8edecd89740b2⋯.png (965.79 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, __kaban_and_serval_kemono_….png)

File: 7cc49477d64ca69⋯.png (891.08 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, __hippopotamus_kaban_and_s….png)

yfw you'll never be the plaything of big horny Kemono Sexfriends



>human torsos and faces



File: 3a7b0bcc332bc71⋯.jpg (278.31 KB, 1947x2048, 1947:2048, 3a7b0bcc332bc715aa440eeee9….jpg)

File: a6a6c3ceba364be⋯.jpg (393.17 KB, 2048x1620, 512:405, a6a6c3ceba364be4f198e96531….jpg)

File: b0c1b2e65969781⋯.jpg (81.44 KB, 700x902, 350:451, fc0263572cff0000155da5951d….jpg)

File: bae4ce8e37ad302⋯.png (203.57 KB, 375x625, 3:5, 1939a96d6f3bf14036f310ad8f….png)

File: ba507033666ddcb⋯.png (324.97 KB, 547x759, 547:759, 47736b73658ffbc8668802bc33….png)

File: a64bf3da9409346⋯.jpg (198.26 KB, 870x1244, 435:622, The_World_of_Moral_Reversa….jpg)

File: 0e9cc3db5e3c6d7⋯.jpg (179.27 KB, 870x1249, 870:1249, The_World_of_Moral_Reversa….jpg)

File: b2418f167f68ae5⋯.jpg (192.56 KB, 870x1246, 435:623, The_World_of_Moral_Reversa….jpg)

File: 7ad6921d956a62f⋯.jpg (205.06 KB, 870x1242, 145:207, The_World_of_Moral_Reversa….jpg)

File: 4565ff26a010da4⋯.jpg (180.31 KB, 870x1251, 290:417, The_World_of_Moral_Reversa….jpg)


Anyone read this? It's a world where the relations between the sexes are reversed.

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File: 55296f6b1cc3cc2⋯.png (977.15 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, wmrch11pg9.png)



>Sick! That's one fast degenerate!

>They can't even get close to her! What

is she planning?


Look, even when she teases them they

can't catch the pervert.

>She's runing thowards the athletes,

what the hell?


>She's going thowards those men, are

they scared of her?

*Gee, you really can't rely on men in

this world!


変態: へんたい, abnormality, pervert

速い=早い: はやい, fast, quick, hasty, brisk

ぶっちぎり: opening up a big margin over one's nearest rival

やばい: dangerous, risky, terrific, amazing, cool

腹: はら, abdomen, belly, stomach, one's mind, one's real intentions, one's true motive, courage, nerve, willpower

いくら: (adverb) even, even if

釣る: つる, to lure in, to tempt, to attract, to entice, to allure

ただ: straight, direct, straight, direct

女性: じょせい, woman, female

周り: まわり, surroundings, neighbourhood, neighborhood, vicinity

陸上: りくじょう, track-and-field events

選手: せんしゅ, player (in game), team member

そりゃ: very, extremely, that is

近寄る: ちかよる, to approach, to draw near

逃げる: にげる, to escape, to run away

頼り: たより, reliance, dependence

頼る: たよる, to rely on, to have recourse to, to depend on

ならない: no good



Forgot to add: I don't mind the changes, those are pretty good. Between my broken english and how awkward translation comes out sometimes, I think sone fine tuning can help.


File: e9106afb3a34a60⋯.png (1 MB, 1200x1200, 1:1, wmrch11pg10.png)

File: 26cab6aebb8c356⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1200x1200, 1:1, wmrch11pg11.png)

File: 0982653d9582b9e⋯.png (972.95 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, wmrch11pg12.png)

File: cef67dbf0a8dd47⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1200x1200, 1:1, wmrch11pg13.png)



>Oi oi

TN: "oi oi" is the literal translation. If typesetter or proofreader have a more fitting colloquialism to suggest, please speak up.

>She is crouching at the starting point, the madwoman.

TN: she uses "baka", same as before, I wanted to mix it up a little otherwise were just gonna use "idiot" and "stupid" all the time


つきる: 尽きる, to be used up, to be run out, to be exhausted, to be consumed, to come to an end

やがる: verb suffix (added to a stem verb) indicating hatred and contempt, or disdain for another's action



>She actually made a good time?


>The hell?! The crowd just burst into applause?

>Foreigners around these parts sure get carried away easily.


しっかり: tightly (holding on), firmly, securely, strongly (built), solidly, sturdily, steadily, properly, well, sufficiently, hard (working, etc.), fully, completely, reliably, dependably, levelheadedly, shrewdly, wisely, cleverly

測定: そくてい, measurement

なんで: why?, what for?

拍手: はくしゅ, clapping hands, applause

巻き起こる: まきこる, to arise, to break out, to well up, to burst

海外: かいがい, foreign, abroad, overseas

この辺: このへん, this area, around here

ノリの良い: のりのよい, easy to get into (e.g. of music, etc.), easily getting into (a certain mood, etc.)

良い: good, excellent, fine, nice, pleasant, agreeable

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



Oi really depends on which version of English you want to use. If you want to make it more Americanized use Hey Hey. More British and Oi is fine.



For page 11, consider "What're you recording her time for?!" or "Why're you recording her time?!"

File: 288692e7a83265a⋯.png (57.32 KB, 438x523, 438:523, IMG_1235.PNG)


>watching anime

Every single one is objectively shit. Prove me wrong.

You should be reading manga or LNs only.

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I don't read. Reading is for fags.


I can't


File: 7a79abea9c6afc8⋯.jpg (126.94 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, otome function.jpg)

lnfags, is there such thing as a bad manga adaptation of a LN?


no u



Considering how many LN are trash anyways, usually adding remotely quality art to look at at the same time is only a bonus.

File: 653e9ec3941a10b⋯.jpg (118.32 KB, 597x447, 199:149, Language Textbook.jpg)


If you want to import and read or watch raws of anime, manga and LNs; If you want to play untranslated VNs and games or just chat with some nips, then learn Japanese. Remember, you can do it.


DJT guide: https://djtguide.neocities.org/


Anki and Decks

Anki: https://apps.ankiweb.net/

Core 2k/6k: https://mega.nz/#!QIQywAAZ!g6wRM6KvDVmLxq7X5xLrvaw7HZGyYULUkT_YDtQdgfU

Core2k/6k content: https://core6000.neocities.org/

Anon's Japanese Learner Anki package: https://mega.nz/#!14YTmKjZ!A_Ac110yAfLNE6tIgf5U_DjJeiaccLg3RGOHVvI0aIk

>This is a .zip file with a number of Anki decks and a number of books on grammar, including

>Japanese the Manga Way

>Tae Kim's guide to Japanese Grammar

>Remembering the Kanji vol 1, 2 and 3 (mnemonic exercises)

>A Dictionary of basic, intermediate, and advanced Japanese grammar

>An Anki deck that contains the Visualizing Japanese Grammar video series, a deck for Kana, a deck for Kanji and vocab, and a deck version of the DoJG book

KanjiDamage deck: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/748570187

Kodansha's Kanji Learner's Course deck: Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

403 posts and 104 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


>>61337 (E-leetism checked)

>that reply

>I don't fucking understand you Wehraboos. Why do you want to learn such a tough language with minimal benefits? You will never be accepted as one of the Germans. Also they will try to practice their English more than you will get to speak with them. There are many other languages with more benefits. Why don't you learn one of them?

>I don't fucking understand you Slavaboos. Why do you want to learn such a tough language with minimal benefits? You will never be accepted as one of the Belorussians. Also they will try to practice their English more than you will get to speak with them. There are many other languages with more benefits. Why don't you learn one of them?

>I don't fucking understand you Koreaboos. Why do you want to learn such a tough language with minimal benefits? You will never be accepted as one of citizens of Kim Il Sung's Glorious Best Korea®. Also they will try to practice their English more than you will get to speak with them. There are many other languages with more benefits. Why don't you learn one of them?

>I don't fucking understand you [insert proper nouns or pejorative representing people who fancy other nationalities or culture]. Why do you want to learn such a tough language with minimal benefits? You will never be accepted as one of [insert the demonym of the target language's native speakers]. Also they will try to practice their English more than you will get to speak with them. There are many other languages with more benefits. Why don't you learn one of them?

Copy and paste to any national boards and /lang/.






I am just compiling a list of reasons not to learn Japanese. I have not found a single reason for which you should learn Japanese.



Frankly, it's fun.

It's like learning a skill for a hobby that will never give you economic benefits. You wouldn't tell a hobyist to not invest in it because he could be working on something else. It's the same with me and nip. Broadening my reach with manga/videogames is a benefit in itself. Even if I never use it for "serious" stuff. And I'm not joking when I say it's fun. If you like puzzle games, figuring out japanese is a lot like it.



Light novels, manga, games, h-games, doujin.

A lot of that stuff is slow to be translated, if it gets ever translated.

Nearly all the media I consume is of the nipponese variety nowadays. As a proud hikki-NEET, there simply is no language that would bring greater benefits since I already know English.



Not to mention that even if the stuff you like gets a translated version, there's a high likelihood of translation mishaps, from small translation errors to things like people using machine translators and censorship, plus the inevitable loss of nuance through translation which can all significantly detract from or outright ruin the experience.

File: 59e553226284602⋯.jpg (27.77 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Drawing Lewdly.jpg)


This thread would be for drawfags to draw.

For Requesters

>please add "+REQUEST" in the subject title. This makes it easier for drawfags to look for request posts. Give detailed information about characters and their requested situation. Avoid forcing the drawfags to make unnecessary questions.

For Drawfags

>Try to add "+DELIVERY" in the subject tab.

In General

>Constructive criticism is encouraged. Flames are not!

>Drawfags have the right to turn down requests. They will draw whatever they want and interpret the request however they like.

>Most importantly, for all artists, requesters, and lurkers alike, HAVE FUN!

Feel free to upload your work here:


347 posts and 167 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 87a79acd0d9eef8⋯.png (2.17 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, wadina request.png)


Sorry for the rushed quality, i want it to be finished as quick as possible

I've been slacking off recently playan vidya so its good to have some exercise



I miss /sp/ee.



They're on sportschan, you should go visit them every now and then.


Weekly DP is up!

room code: CGBTM

pass: waifu


File: 29e7142c5b89550⋯.png (2.9 MB, 5000x3830, 500:383, drawpile animu 20181014.png)


That's it for today! Appreciate everyone who could come.

Next DP: Sunday, Oct 21 @ 5:00PM

File: 9ed6eb6b5eb0258⋯.jpg (170.49 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Ulysses - J….jpg)

File: 287bb976638eb9b⋯.jpg (189.6 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Ulysses - J….jpg)

File: 8672012ecba2891⋯.jpg (146.57 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Ulysses - J….jpg)


And the worst series of the season award goes to…

>if you like small breasts (note: she isn't even a loli), you are a little boy fucking creep pedo

Nice job insulting anyone who isn't into cowtits, which are, judging by the OP, gonna be the 100% of any fanservice.

17 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>Reminder that the real Jeanne d'Arc had shapely breasts

Where were her breasts described, anyway?


Where is the flat christmas cake office lady anime?


is the show fun?



>Where is the flat christmas cake office lady anime?

wotaku koi wa muzukushii from last season it was shit

>is the show fun?

not yet


File: 1a34a7bc80e18d3⋯.png (29.54 KB, 749x260, 749:260, 1452344219448.png)


Well, the loli fairy genocide happened and, despite the copious fanservice, I'm not sure what the point of continuing to watch this is. It's pretty poorly put together and there's actually decent stuff to watch this season, so I'm thinking I'll give this a drop. Anyone else watch ep2?

File: dd4688445400f3b⋯.png (1.09 MB, 850x1200, 17:24, Go out with me Demon king.png)

File: b54f89407c6f26e⋯.png (1009.11 KB, 850x1200, 17:24, Go out with me Demon king ….png)


/animu/ what manga have you been reading? I've been reading the The Hero and the Demon King's Romcom. Also just as a nice thing to do

>You must explain or at the bare minimum give us a sum of of the manga recommended

310 posts and 355 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Oh, I read that a few years ago. It's a shame that it had such a rushed ending.



I remember it was bit rushed but it's been years.



>And the best part is that the author is 100% serious.

what do you mean?


File: 532a9a99578fe15⋯.jpg (130.93 KB, 1456x634, 728:317, 1.jpg)

File: e4a71cd30e0f9ce⋯.jpg (82.67 KB, 246x350, 123:175, i185501.jpg)

Ok, with two more recommendations:

Anamorphosis no Meijuu, people are gathered for a reality tv show, the objective is to remain at a "haunted place" for 48 hours, where an "evil spirit" will be summoned. Be aware that this is a volume but only half of it is about this, while the rest is just a few miscellaneous stories.

Then you have dead word puzzle, which is only 4 chapters long, it's got funky but workable art, gore, supernatural conditions that puts teenagers against each other to win or die, unlikeable characters and the killer's powers and motives are never revealed. The kind of manga you read just because you want to read something bad.


Was thinking that it looked like aku no hana and now I see it is from the same author, it looks interesting..


pls, don't do this to me, anon.


Glad you liked it


I didn't buy it (my country basically has no comics or manga), I used madokami to get it.


Fuan no tane was nice, but chapters are very short, and it has an episodic format, so anons shouldn't really go expecting horror. A sequel was released some time later btw, fuan no tane+.


Will keep an eye on this.


IPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: fe9e9340e48d28b⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 328.17 KB, 853x754, 853:754, 5461248561.png)

File: 406ad3383d8bccf⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 212.55 KB, 489x705, 163:235, 8994851616551.png)


that fucking rookie mistake

File: a8e3e2cb9d938c0⋯.jpg (564.04 KB, 1459x2063, 1459:2063, HsY13yK[1].jpg)


There's a rumor about a mysterious phenomenon call "puberty syndrome." For example, Sakuta Azusagawa is a high school student who suddenly sees a bunny girl appear in front of him. The girl is actually a girl named Mai Sakurajima, who is Sakuta's upperclassman who is also a famous actress who has gone on hiatus from the entertainment industry. For some reason, the people around Mai cannot see her bunny-girl figure. Sakuta sets out to solve this mystery, and as he spends time with Mai, he learns her secret feelings. Other heroines who have "puberty syndrome" start to appear in front of Sakuta.

51 posts and 23 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



This is good if you like cool and mature type, older girls.

If you don't, then skip it, since bunny girl is much more prominent than the usual main girl in series like this.

It all boils down to this one factor.




How? The man is a lot more reliable than most MCs out there. He sees supernatural shit and is like "welp, time to help people in need then, gotta keep a level head"


She acts more 3DPD-like. But then while other MCs would act flustered and annoyed when teased, this one just gives it back to her. That scene when she teases him for a kiss and he was like "yeah I'd kiss you" making her go "uh oh haha I was joking you can't do that now" was on point


>quit acting because she had to do a swimsuit photoshoot

>now walks around in a bunnysuit in public

Why are women so unbearable, even in fiction?


File: 7781c7349d54204⋯.gif (1.75 MB, 400x279, 400:279, gambling smile away.gif)


>want one thing

>act the other way

>act offended if you give them banter

>secretly want banter

It's like you don't want a problem machine in your life, anon


File: 92912c60eb93260⋯.png (569.39 KB, 883x720, 883:720, 1532368579399.png)


>quit acting because she had to do a swimsuit photoshoot

Because she was forced into it. It's basically the sex v rape distinction.

>now walks around in a bunnysuit in public

Because she was literally disappearing from existence and wanted an outfit that people would notice her in.

Do you even watch the show?

File: b3cb9a6cef34213⋯.png (366.29 KB, 1022x630, 73:45, absolute madwoman (draconi….png)

File: 9275a050db97754⋯.png (977.26 KB, 1050x1792, 75:128, absolutely insane butter k….png)

File: 51823da997d59d7⋯.jpg (58.58 KB, 500x550, 10:11, Soon.jpg)

File: 19f58f7efa593dd⋯.png (25 KB, 270x339, 90:113, never relax around this sm….png)

File: a3bd2617a82c566⋯.jpg (31.39 KB, 246x326, 123:163, laius shrimpin time.jpg)


How do we stop the mad butter-knife-ears? At this point, can she be stopped at all, anyway?

Dumping new chapter.


14 posts and 40 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 683e1543016b3f6⋯.jpg (73.23 KB, 506x459, 506:459, 894b9e24ae2c75345270c4a6eb….jpg)

>When the guy in your pnp party wants to go into a huge monologue about the backstory of his character.

Anyway this chapter was great. I could go for some fish and chips now. I'm always glad when they get more monster meat.



>If you had a wife and kids

What? I'm confused.


File: 6818836db5fb49c⋯.jpeg (9.57 KB, 156x129, 52:43, comfy little takane.jpeg)

This manga is cozy.


File: 2248b8d34adecec⋯.png (180.73 KB, 411x478, 411:478, komi what is th-AW YEAH.png)


It's probably my current nº1 favorite


They won't ruin this shit with anime right?

Secondaries don't deserve such purity.

File: 050335ddafbfca3⋯.png (338.98 KB, 801x461, 801:461, DjpJ4AoU8AENjea.png_orig3.png)

File: 6c7df94afb4b53c⋯.png (689.35 KB, 880x1064, 110:133, DjpJ4AoU8AENjea.png_orig2.png)

File: b794006fe54a4f0⋯.png (977.06 KB, 1059x1500, 353:500, DjpJ4AoU8AENjea.png_orig.png)

File: 66183ce29800be3⋯.jpg (219.02 KB, 648x909, 72:101, erufuda-san.jpg)

File: 31fb3801050c1ed⋯.png (468.81 KB, 624x751, 624:751, Potato is Dead.png)


Hefty Beach Doragons and Potato Lolis

New chapter dump incoming.

155 posts and 184 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: e0576ee55e541bf⋯.png (705.28 KB, 888x1600, 111:200, __oga_san_elf_san_wa_yaser….png)

How can a mangaka be so based and draw so many deliciously pudgy VANILLA females in his work? Kami-sama bless Methonium Synecdoche.


File: 21aeba7d337c338⋯.jpg (193.88 KB, 650x1089, 650:1089, oh fugggg ;DDDDD.jpg)

There are things happening right now that should never be able to happen, and I have no power to stop said things.


File: 9a2dc47b5f629c9⋯.jpg (61.04 KB, 299x259, 299:259, stimpy laff.jpg)


For the love of g*d, post sauce lmao



>censoring god

Get out, jew.



oy vey help the chosen folk goyim, you can't just say g*d without any repercussions

File: 97c2a5031b1bf63⋯.jpg (331.69 KB, 1200x1698, 200:283, akanesasu.jpg)


Anime original written by Kotaro Uchikoshi.

>October, 2018. Girls who live in a provincial city perform a certain ritual. The girls are in the "Crystal Radio Club." It is an interest circle that Asuka Tsuchimiya, a girl known for her cheerfulness, started with friends in her high school. That ritual was considered just an urban legend. However, with several conditions coincidentally falling into place, it stops being fun and games…

21 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.








File: 9175b8a3353aa3b⋯.jpg (445.38 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Akanesasu S….jpg)

> marry at 17




Could be worse, she could be 3DPD



I know, right? 17 is way too old.

File: dc11a88bc73c208⋯.jpg (262.49 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, ss (2018-10-07 at 07.36.33….jpg)

File: e39990d83d54331⋯.jpg (180.5 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, ss (2018-10-07 at 07.42.33….jpg)

File: dea2b1e8b7a9716⋯.jpg (198.51 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, ss (2018-10-07 at 07.49.25….jpg)

File: 3b52817c4dd7582⋯.jpg (201.91 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, ss (2018-10-07 at 07.40.43….jpg)


A comedy series about a skeleton working in a bookstore with all sorts of strange masked coworkers and his encounters with mostly ugly foreign nerds and fujoshits who want to buy BL manga from his store

I loved how it made fun of western "otaku" and yaoi fangirls

28 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Funny how stories based on author's IRL experiences are the most engaging ones



even in death honda-san must wageslave


File: 53de6c2649437ce⋯.jpg (71.47 KB, 750x523, 750:523, 9de76e47574c14f2d3c50336e0….jpg)


>not liking big books



Books were too big 4 him



Skeletons are inherently un/fit/ anyways without muscle.

File: 5f9a261dced9838⋯.jpg (223.5 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, ss (2018-10-05 at 06.12.25….jpg)

File: f1c632116226302⋯.jpg (165.39 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, ss (2018-10-05 at 06.11.26….jpg)

File: 36a104a16c66a2a⋯.jpg (168.49 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, ss (2018-10-05 at 06.00.33….jpg)


aka the lolicon maid of nice abs

Former Master Sergeant of the Japanese Airforce and professed lolicon gets hired as a maid for a bratty half-russian girl.

Nothing could go wrong, right?

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Why are you changing your argument?


AOTY 2018


File: 40e219786d60837⋯.jpg (236.01 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Uchi no Mai….jpg)

this is exactly what happens when a child enters places like this



File: f907340b3cdf2fd⋯.jpg (441.24 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Uchi no Mai….jpg)

I love this muscular woman



Fucking whales.

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