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September 2018 - 8chan Transparency Report
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File: d2798927a2a952b⋯.jpeg (81.61 KB, 1160x652, 290:163, DpagpOjXoAAP73W.jpeg)






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thanks, doc

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vaporwave/retrowave, 70s/80s/90s pop, lo-fi, vgm, & anime music thread

previous threads:


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File: ca3ffc1469fe311⋯.jpg (98.04 KB, 701x720, 701:720, 1532338019864.jpg)


I really want to try cocaine


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>I really want to try cocaine

powder cocaine is good for fucking, but that's about it



you gay



Shut the FUCK UP, Moody.





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File: 696f5e7f7edfad4⋯.jpg (19.12 KB, 750x490, 75:49, FB_IMG_1539523769797.jpg)


File: 5f6570ebe9336da⋯.jpg (61.8 KB, 331x402, 331:402, butthurt-faggot.jpg)


Colorectal cancer is killing more 20- to 30-year-olds. We now have one clue about why

It’s one of the mysteries that has puzzled cancer epidemiologists: Why are younger and younger people becoming sick with colorectal cancer?

In 2017, researchers at the American Cancer Society showed colorectal cancer is rising sharply in younger generations. For people in their 20s and 30s, colon cancer rates increased 1 to 2 percent between the mid-1990s to 2013. And rectal cancer rate shot up even more dramatically — rising 3 percent per year in the same age cohort.

Overall, those born in 1990 have double the risk of developing colon cancer and four times the risk of getting rectal cancer compared to those born around 1950. So in response to the alarming trend, in 2018 the society lowered the age for routine colorectal cancer screening to 45 from 50.

“It’s not like the problem is bad and has stabilized,” said Thomas Weber, the director of surgical oncology at New York’s Northwell Health, who organizes an annual summit for researchers trying to solve the mystery. “The problem has continued to worsen.”



It's not strictly obesity, it's what they're eating, which is sugary foods low in fibre in massive quantity. It creates a persistent inflammation of the intestine, which eventually leads to polyps and later cancer. Not only that but they have high blood sugar so the cancer can grow rapidly, feeding on the sugars via the warburg effect.



...but a lot of totally impartial scientists that couldn't have possibly been paid off by companies with a vested interest in Americans' continued and indescribably enormous intake of sugar told me that cancer feeding off of sugar was a MYTH


This is a good thread to admit that I regularly have blood in my stool

Probably just hemorrhoids though heh

File: 49e10dc1f023533⋯.jpg (55.96 KB, 770x433, 770:433, trumpot3.jpg)


President Trump on Christine Blasey Ford, his relationships with Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un and more

Lesley Stahl speaks with President Trump about a wide range of topics in his first 60 Minutes interview since taking office



Pretty good interview imho tbheh, Blumpf is a real comedian.

File: ae14f9f438bbbeb⋯.png (67.38 KB, 222x300, 37:50, ClipboardImage.png)


Freedom is the ability to do what one wills; one cannot do what one wills without power; the idea of freedom is inseparable from that of power. Freedom can only arise from the slavery of others.

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So wat you be sayin' is, I was literally chosen by god to rule over the norms?



>mistaking subconcious instinctual compulsion and basic biological necessity for conscious will

You want food because you will literally die without it and your body knows it. You choose to eat tasteless oatmeal or you choose to eat one of the thousands of alternatives you could eat instead because you will it



>not fucking the women of the enemy

>All wombs are the natural domain of the Aryan seed.

god damn fam don't normalize it or it stops being transgressive and fun



source on pic




>when Fagtasm is the only pro-white poster left on 4chon

Sad! Many such cases. What would smiley say if he could see us now?

File: fe81362e637901c⋯.jpeg (60.25 KB, 590x350, 59:35, A1BA1659-D58D-484F-AE56-F….jpeg)


UFC 229: McGregor vs Nurge...Nigre...Khabib

Who you'll got?

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Post last edited at



danke HDV



why don't you also delete the posts? it un-bumps them if you do



was it gumball?



Because I touch myself at night (and wasn't aware of that and am also too lazy)



...just click the D+ button

File: cba6dec3ec5cfe3⋯.png (12.08 KB, 275x250, 11:10, 1500144209256.png)


Why is FUCKING shittyass piece of cr*p website not working 90% of the time when you trynna make a thread and shit

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File: e44a4bf374c626e⋯.jpg (56.3 KB, 471x700, 471:700, broken board.jpg)



because its based off of a php imageboard written by one person in spaghetti code then had this software written on top of it without fully integrating with its already existing code and template system. Every time anyone uses mod.php its running twig to generate the page instead of serving a static html page. Thats probably where a lot of 8ch's resources are going because they were too retarded to just use an ajax api to integrate dynamic information into the static pages. Tinyboard has ALWAYS had issues with posting because of its anti-bot honeypot.


Its genuinely funny to me that 8chan is breaking now for a second time.

I may just feel that way cause I detest the users on this website other than on this board but if any chan deserves to break its definitely this one.

Goodnight shit site.



>good night shit site

lol'd out loud heh


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Antifa Beat and Robbed Man Leaving Gavin McInnes Event


You can literally get a gun for $300 or so. There is no reason for any of these people to be getting robbed or attacked in [current year]+3



New York City has the harshest gun laws in the country, maybe worse than Washington D.C. It's almost impossible to get a concealed carry permit.





File: 17bb878fc3248c5⋯.jpeg (39.34 KB, 474x440, 237:220, th.jpeg)

See the problem here is this makes Antifa look good. I'm sick of aut-right retards telling me violence makes you look bad, when it just makes you look bad-ass. Yes, in actual fact Antifa are a bunch of weak soyboys, but it makes you look even more pathetic when they beat you, and you just whine about how violent they are. Yes, I know that they're just trying to point out "the hypocrisy of the left", but obviously no one cares, it isn't resonating with anyone who isn't already sympathetic toward the right, but they will care if you bash someone's face in with a bat after they mess with you.

>B-but the media is gonna make us look bad!

So what? You know what's going to happen if you keep it up? They'll shut their mouths out of fear, if the boogeyman becomes reality, and there really are violent right-wing extremists out to assault faggots for anti-White practices. If there was a Breivik for every sandnigger attack, you can bet your ass, we'd be half-way to victory, but nobody has the will to do what it takes, because a loose band of people with a similar ideological self-interest can't beat the power of a unified religion, which is what cultural Marxism is.



I agree with this whole heartedly. The problem is autright Proud Boys et all regularly do stomp libnigger ass but it doesn't get reported for precisely this reason. None of these youtubers should be commenting on individual magapedes that get separated from the herd and taken down by the soyim brigade unless they're useful as a martyr of some sort heh. They should be treated as "casualties", not "victims".

File: 0c2910c826a89b9⋯.png (624.26 KB, 620x632, 155:158, stf97_iuyf5ved9baowe6yrlbv….png)


had a brief stint with some femoid, glad it's now over. that is not the life for me.


File: c2c4d7448dea025⋯.png (231.96 KB, 612x363, 204:121, megame on the right heh.png)

I'm starting to come to grips with the fact that I probably like the idea of a gf more than I'd like to have one in practice. I am far too DAMAGED and autistic to ever have a normal life. Also I'm a manlet that looks like MegaMind so it's not like I have to work too hard to be repulsive to women heh


File: f0a275d38b021ae⋯.jpg (94.51 KB, 900x477, 100:53, (You).jpg)


File: ce1387f814fada0⋯.jpeg (32.46 KB, 500x447, 500:447, DpU6t9NU8AAX5XY.jpeg)


[computing outrage at being called NPC]

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what's so good about being a human anyway



this tbheh


File: a1c3eab0b6a84fe⋯.jpg (75.08 KB, 690x395, 138:79, systemsneatesttrick.jpg)



NPC is another example of cis het white male supremacy.



heh tbheh

File: 7acb5fb531a2d68⋯.jpg (123.86 KB, 740x566, 370:283, artist-sabo-trump-posters-….jpg)


His might not be a household name, but conservative street artist Sabo has become a recognizable figure at the intersection of art and politics with his stealthy installation of attention-grabbing posters that have lampooned Hillary Clinton, Hollywood, pro-choice activists and other left-wing idols.

“No one else was doing it, at least not on a brutal level,” the former Marine said of his guerrilla art tactics and hard-right bent. “I’ve got a potty mouth. I’ll say anything.”

The word “brutal” almost sugarcoats descriptions of his often inflammatory, sometimes unauthorized and always provocative output:

• In an homage to the Oscar-nominated film “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri,” he commandeered three billboards in Hollywood before the Academy Awards ceremony in February to ridicule the film industry’s hypocrisy in its ongoing sex abuse scandal.

“We all knew and still no arrests,” “And the Oscar for biggest pedophile goes to” and “Name names on stage or shut the hell up!” the billboards screamed in all capital letters.

• In December, he challenged Oscar-winning actress Meryl Streep’s assertions that she was unaware of the long-standing rumors and allegations of sexual misconduct about producer Harvey Weinstein. Sabo put up posters of a black-and-white photo of Mr. Weinstein embracing Miss Streep, with a red banner across her eyes that read in all capital letters, “She knew.”

• At the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, the artist placed posters around the city depicting a nearly nude, heavily tattooed “Hillary Rotten Clinton” below the words in all capital letters “First female POTUS” and “Above the law & out of touch.”

Of course, his work has incurred the scorn of the political left, and social media networks have not been kind. Facebook has removed Sabo’s business fan page, and he has been booted off Twitter for violating its rules of conduct.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 92942b2184fc032⋯.jpg (127.67 KB, 806x908, 403:454, 1474036945893.jpg)


>former Marine

Semper Gumby, devil. Might not be able to kill the fuckers, yet, but driving them insane is a good first step.


File: 28468a8046d5778⋯.jpg (48.07 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 284.jpg)


>posting shitty forced memes from ~2010

well okay then


File: 347400b47da06f7⋯.jpg (105.74 KB, 800x772, 200:193, lol butthurt.jpg)




This seems a particularly inaccurate adjective for this stuff.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


My View of White Women


File: a852eabf8c80b53⋯.webm (3.9 MB, 540x405, 4:3, what was that.webm)

File: 5d1c322c1c01471⋯.png (1.11 MB, 930x990, 31:33, Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at ….png)


>2008 was 10 years ago

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Worst presidential election. Even a nigger president is better than McCain though heh.


File: 777d2753f22c9a8⋯.jpg (28.13 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 9p4RNuTQ_400x400.jpg)


Can you guys give this troon the NPC treatment?



trumpniggers ruin't the NPC meme tbheh



Comicsgate has nothing to do with Trump.



>In this present life, I reckon that we make the nearest approach to knowledge when we have the least possible intercourse or communion with the body... And thus having got rid of the foolishness of the body we shall be pure and hold converse with the pure, and know of ourselves the clear light everywhere, which is no other than the light of truth

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